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The Panther trade might be a bust

You need to do more homework and explain yourself better. Staley a bust from day one - horse-s--t!
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So wait, we traded a the 43rd and 111th overall picks last year for the 16th/17th this year and it's going to be a bust?

17th pick value: 1135

43rd and 111th picks value: 778

I'd think we pretty much got the upper hand in the deal.

They drafted Everett Brown and Mike Goodson, who have both done absolutely nothing respectively. I'd rather draft a first round tackle this year and have flexibility with the other pick than draft a second round tackle last year.

Just a FYI, the value chart is for present year picks, the numbers get divided by 50% for a future years pick, so the niners should have only given up a pick worth 570 points. Scotty did not want to throw in the fourth rounder, but ended up doing it because Carolina would not do it for the second alone.

This logic is faulty because it does not take into consideration the strength of the 2 years drafts. The 2010 draft is much stronger than the 2009 draft in my opinion and because of that the value of the pick should go UP not down. No matter how you look at it this trade was a WIN for the Niners.
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This thread is .
lol at this thread.
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stupid thread 1st round pick is always better than 2nd round pick dofus. panthers showed no patience by making that trade. this is a 9er win all the way

Sigh, if you have a team with depth and do not need starters, then yes it would make sense, but a team that had several holes, and NEEDED starters, giving up a second AND a fourth was a lot. As mentioned before the points value are worth HALF in a future year, so trade scale is out of whack also.

If you do not understand that Phil Loadholt and Duke Robinson being on the roster last year would have helped the niners, then you obviously did not watch the same games I watched.

And again, how many webzoners, I think at least 80% swore we would get a top 10 pick and thought there would be NO WAY that the niners pick would be before the Carolina pick.

every year the draft produces several players that do well in rounds 2-4 and yes those players you mentioned would be nice.  but the fact is we stand to get a big time player and we gained lots of flexibility by getting a 2nd first round pick this year.

one more time

1st round picks are always better than 2nd round picks, we weren't going to go to the superbowl this year regardless why not set up the this OS for success?  especially with such uncertainty in FA I am grateful for us having 2 picks. 
Oher @ #23 for 2009 picks of #'s 2,3,4 > Panthers 1st and any of the OTs in 2010.

I would further venture to say that if McGM pulled the trigger to get Oher, the 49ers would have made the playoffs.
I wish that we could have gotten Loadholt. He could have helped us this year. I hope that we can get a tackle this draft that can do as well. Without a GOOD R.T we struggled and will struggle.
I actually think 9erred makes a good point, yet I still disagree that it was a "bust". I think that there are often really good deal to be had in the second round (last year: pat chung, Jairus Byrd, James laurinatus, Rey Rey, etc.). However, I think we should trade down to the late 20s and pick up another 2 nd rounder. I think the panthers trade was a good one, yet we now must make a good desicion as to what to do with it.
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I am telling ya, the only way to judge a trade is by getting the coaches and or GM to tell us who they would have drafted if the trade fell through.

So unless, we know who the Niners would have drafted we can't make any real comparison.

Who was available and who the Panthers picked is not a factor.

BTW, it is not uncommon to for coaches to tell interviewers later on who they were really loooking at with a pick barring the trade taking place

I think I recall reading that the staff was looking to draft Max Unger/Oregon G/C in the second round[ pick #43] had they not gotten the deal with the black cats...
They didn't think the value was there for any player they were interested at #43 and said yes when the panthers came calling. IMO it was having to pay that 4th rounder that hurt....But we are looking Good this year !

good info, even though you are not swearing by it obviously. But this is the kind of info we would have to have if you really wanted to grade the trade someday...which doesn't interest me in the bit.

Why have I posted so much in this thread

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This thread is useless. I could make a thread that says "The Panther trade may land us a fantastic player"

The following players were taken in the second half of the first round:

Chris Johnson
Jon Beason
Joseph Addai
Dan Marino
Roddy White
Logan Mankins

You forget that a second in hand is worth a future round up. So having a player contribute in the 2009 season could have helped the 49ers. Additionally the Niners gave up a 4th round pick that could have landed them duke robinson, OG.

Just my opinion, but I think all of the trading that Scotty has done has not amounted to a hill of beans.

I still would take Sedrick Ellis over Joe Staley, but the Staley trade was a bust from day one.

so youre saying staley is a bust??????
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