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***AB's 2010 Collaborative Mock Draft- Picks/Trades Thread** 2 ROUNDS OVER

1. Detroit- from St. Louis (1-15) ------ AC49er - DT Ndamukong Suh, Nebraska
2. St. Louis- from Detroit (2-14) ------ Ptulini - QB Jimmy Clausen, Notre Dame
3. Tampa Bay (3-13) ------ Sinsation - S Eric Berry, Tennessee
4. Washington (4-12) ------ SFL49ER - QB Sam Bradford, Oklahoma
5. Kansas City (4-12) ----- Fincham11 - DT Gerald McCoy, Oklahoma
6. Seattle (5-11) ---- KRS-1 - OT Russell Okung, Oklahoma State
7. Cleveland (5-11) ----- Krizay - ILB Rolando McClain, Alabama
8. Oakland (5-11) ------ SacRock14 - CB Joe Haden, Florida
9. Buffalo (6-10) ----- ninertico - OT Anthony Davis, Rutgers
10. Jacksonville^ (7-9) ----- lamontb - WR Dez Bryant, Oklahoma State
11. Denver - from Chicago^ (7-9) ---- 23zack80 - DE Carlos Dunlap, Florida
12. Miami (7-9) ----DynastyChile - DE/OLB Jason Pierre-Paul, South Florida
13. San Francisco (8-8) ----- Crazy49er1313 - OG Mike Iupati, Idaho
14. Seattle - from Denver (8-8) ----- KRS-1 - DE Derrick Morgan, Georgia Tech
15. New York Giants (8-8) ----- teeohh - S Earl Thomas, Texas
16. Tennessee^ (8-8) ----- TexasNiner - DE Everson Griffin, USC
17. San Francisco - from Carolina^ (8-8) ----- Crazy49er1313 - OT Trent Williams, Oklahoma
18. Pittsburgh (9-7) ----- chaunceygardner - OT Bryan Bulaga, Iowa
19. Atlanta^ (9-7) ------ 49wyztoscore - CB Patrick Robinson, Florida State
20. Houston^ (9-7) ------ TX9R - RB C.J. Spiller, Clemson
21. Cincinnati* (10-6) ----- 49erfan3252 - S Morgan Burnett, Georgia Tech
22. New England* (10-6) ---- RollinWith21n52 - DE Corey Wootton, Northwestern
23. Green Bay* (11-5) ----- cgida - OT Bruce Campbell, Maryland
24. Philadelphia* (11-5) ----- yourhuckelberry - DE/OLB Jerry Hughes, TCU
25. Oakland- from New York Jets* (9-7) ----- SackRock14 - ILB Brandon Spikes, Florida
26. Baltimore* (9-7) ----- rspinale - WR Damian Williams, USC
27. Arizona* (10-6) ----- fortyninerglory - WR Golden Tate, Notre Dame
28. Dallas* (11-5) ----- solidg2000 - S Taylor Mays, USC
29. Minnesota* (12-4) -----YuNGaCE - S Chad Jones, LSU
30. San Diego* (13-3) ----- DynastyPart2 - DT Dan Williams, Tennessee
31. New Orleans* (13-3) ----- KezarLivin - OLB Navorro Bowman, Penn State
32. Indianapolis* (14-2) ----- mayo63 - DT Brian Price, UCLA

33 St. Louis (1-15) - PTulini - OT/OG Vladimir Ducasse, Umass
34 Detroit (2-14) - AC49er - OG Jon Asamoah, Illinois
35 Tampa Bay (3-13) - Sinsation - DT Terrence Cody, Alabama
36 Kansas City (4-12) - Fincham11 - OT Charles Brown, USC
37 Washington (4-12) - SFL49er - OT Selvish Capers, West Virginia
38 Cleveland (5-11) - Krizay - OLB Sergio Kindle, Texas
39 New York Jets - from Oakland (5-11) - ptinerocket - DE/OLB Brandon Graham, Michigan
40 Seattle (5-11) - KRS-1 - RB Jonathan Dwyer, Georgia Tech
41 Buffalo (6-10) - ninertico - DE/DT Jared Odrick, Penn State
42 Tampa Bay - from Chicago^ (7-9) - Sinsation - CB Donovan Warren, Michigan
43 Miami (7-9) - DynastyChile - OLB Sean Weatherspoon, Missouri
44 New England - from Jacksonville^ (7-9) - RollinWith21n52b - QB Tim Tebow, Florida
45 Denver (8-8) - 23Zack80 - WR Arrelious Benn, Illinois
46 New York Giants (8-8) - teeohh - OT Jason Fox, Miami(Fla.)
47 New England - from Tennessee^ (8-8) - RollinWith21n52 - OLB Eric Norwood, South Carolina
48 Carolina^ (8-8) - CB Kyle Wilson, Boise State
49 San Francisco (8-8) - Crazy49er1313 - CB Perrish Cox, Oklahoma State
50 Kansas City - from Atlanta^ (9-7) - Fincham11 - WR Mardy Gilyard, Cincinnati
51 Houston^ (9-7) - TX9R - S Reshad Jones, Georgia
52 Pittsburgh (9-7) - chaunceygardner - CB Brandon Ghee, Wake Forest
53 Denver - from New England* (10-6) - 23Zack80 - C Maurkice Pouncey, Florida
54 Cincinnati* (10-6) - 49erfan3252 - WR Brandon LaFell, LSU
55 Philadelphia* (11-5) - yourhuckelberry - S Nate Allen, South Florida
56 Green Bay* (11-5) - cgida - OLB Ricky Sapp, Clemson
57 Baltimore* (9-7) - rspinale - TE Jermaine Gresham, Oklahoma
58 Arizona* (10-6) - fortyninerglory - CB Devin McCourty, Rutgers
59 Dallas* (11-5) - solidg2000 - ILB Darryl Washington, TCU
60 San Diego* (13-3) - DynastyPart2 - RB Ryan Matthews, Fresno State
61 New York Jets* (9-7) - ptinerocket - CB Dominique Franks, Oklahoma
62 Minnesota* (12-4) - YuNGaCE - DT Arthur Jones, Syracuse
63 New Orleans* (13-3) - KezarLivin - S T.J. Ward, Oregon
64 Indianapolis* (14-2) - mayo63 - OT Kyle Calloway, Iowa

Ok, Rules.

2 Rounds(Can be 3 if we can fit it in)
12 hours between picks(Unless its wanted to be 6 or less, let me know)
Trade Committee(Myself, KRS-1 and Teeohh)


The Rams have traded the 1st Overall Pick to the Lions for the 2nd Overall pick
and a 4th Round Pick.

The Raiders have traded up, acquiring the 25th pick and a 6th rd pick for their 2nd and 3rd rd selections.

The Broncos have traded disgruntled WR Brandon Marshall top the Patriots for the 53rd pick and a 2011 1st rd pick.

Can trade with any team, so enjoy and make a trade if need be, only players that should be involved is if a player is rumored to be on the block.

But please be realistic, no crazy trades, like Brady to SF for 13 and 16/17.

And HAVE FUN!!!!!

NOTE: For Accurate draft positioning for players, check OTC's thread here,

Traded Picks:


1st round
Denver has a #1 from Chicago (QB Jay Cutler)
Seattle has a #1 from Denver (2009 draft trade)
San Francisco has a #1 from Carolina (2009 draft trade)

2nd round
Kansas City has a #2 from Atlanta (TE Tony Gonzales)
New England has a #2 from Jacksonville (2009 draft trade)
New England has a #2 from Tennessee (2009 draft trade)
Tampa Bay has a #2 pick from Chicago (DE Gaines Adams)

3rd round
Philadelpha has a #3 from Seattle (2009 draft trade)
Washington forfeits its #3 pick (DE Jeremy Jarmon taken at 2009 supplemental draft)
Oakland has a #3 from New England (DE Derrick Burgess)
Cleveland has a conditional #3 from the Jets (WR Braylon Edwards; could escalate to a #2 depending on how many passes Edwards catches this fall)

4th round
Philadelphia has a conditional #4 from the NY Jets (CB Lito Shephard could escalate to as high as a #2 depending on PT)

5th round
Denver has a #5 from Dallas (OG Montae Holland)
Cleveland has a #5 from Tampa Bay (TE Kellen Winslow)
Philadelphia has a #5 from New Orleans (2009 draft trade)
Detroit has a #5 from Denver (2009 draft trade)
Oakland has a #5 from Denver via New England (DE Derrick Burgess/DT LeKevin Smith)
Cleveland has a #5 from the Jets (WR Braylon Edwards)
St. Louis has a #5 from Philadelphia (LB Will Witherspoon)
Kansas City has a #5 from Carolina (DT Tank Tyler)

6th round
Miami has a #6 from Washington (DE Jason Taylor)
Carolina has a #6 from Oakland (2009 draft trade)
Philadelphia has a #6 from Indianapolis (2009 draft trade)
Houston has a conditional 6th from San Diego (DT Travis Johnson; could escalate to a #5 depending on PT)

7th round
New England has a #7 from Philadelphia (WR Greg Lewis)
Miami has a #7 from Kansas City (2009 draft trade)
St. Louis has a #7 from Atlanta (CB Tye Hill)
Buffalo has a #7 from Detroit (DB Ko Simpson)
Baltimore has a onditional #7 from New England (LB Prescott Burgess)

Buffalo has an undisclosed late round pick from Philadelphia (OT Jason Peters)
Tampa Bay has an undisclosed pick from New England (TE Alex Smith)
Miami has an undisclosed pick from Kansas City (OGs Andy Alleman and Ikechuku Ndukwe)
Cleveland has an undisclosed pick from Carolina (DT Louis Leonard).
Tampa Bay has a conditional (late-round) pick from Jacksonville (QB Luke McCown)
Kansas City has an undisclosed pick from Miami (QB Tyler Thigpen)
Detroit has a conditional pick from NY Jets (QB Kevin O'Connell)

[ Edited by AB83Rules on Feb 3, 2010 at 09:12:44 ]
I have officially traded the St. Louis Rams #1 overall pick to the Detroit Lions (AC49er) for their #2 overall pick and a 4th round pick.
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Let's keep all discussion in this thread and use this thread for picks only guys! Make it a lot easier for AB to update!
And with the first pick in the 2010 NFL Draft, the Detroit Lions select Ndamukong Suh. DT Nebraska.
With the #2 overall pick in the 2010 NFL Draft, the St. Louis Rams select...

Jimmy Clausen, QB, Notre Dame

[ Edited by PTulini on Jan 16, 2010 at 12:16:17 ]

With the fourth pick, the Washington Redskins select Sam Bradford, quarterback of Oklahoma
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Originally posted by AB83Rules:
Ok, i got a PM from Fincham, he wants Gerald McCoy, DT OKlahoma

Dislike the pick. They spent a 1 and 3 on 5 techniques last year plus still have Dorsey. I understand Pioli loves to draft in the trenches but I think the pick would have been who I am selecting :

With the 6th pick the Seattle USC-hawks select :

Russell Okung OT Oklahoma State 6"5 305

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With the 7th pick The Cleveland Browns slect Rolando McClain ILB, Alabama.

I had Haden penciled in here. Then I decided to go to the Browns board to check and see what they were all saying. To my surprise McClain appeared to be the guy everyone wants, well after Eric Berry. So that's the pick.
Ok, talks with SF, KC and DEN didn't materialize and I don't want to hold this up too much longer so I'll make my pick...

With the 8th pick in the 2010 NFL Draft, the Oakland Raiders select...

Joe Haden, cornerback from the University of Florida

Without a doubt, the #1 cornerback in this draft. With Nnamdi Asomugha locking down one side of the field, Haden can develop into the lockdown corner on the other side. With so many needs, other players were considered but I couldn't find a better value than Haden. Combined with an improving pass rush (Greg Ellis and Richard Seymour), the team defense has just improved dramatically, and other areas can be addressed in the 2nd and 3rd rounds, where I have 3 picks.

All that said, if anyone had their hearts set on Haden, I am not opposed to trading his rights for a later 1st round pick and a 2nd or 3rd rounder. Open to any offers. PM if interested.
With the 9th pick in the 2010 NFL Draft, the Buffalo Bills select...

Anthony Davis, OT Rutgers University

It was he or Morgan, but DE value is to good in the second and third depending the QB situation.

Bottom line it was Williams or Davis, but Davis's feet won out especially for a LT prospect.

Stick him in from day one!

[ Edited by ninertico on Jan 17, 2010 at 18:30:09 ]

Jags seem to have multiple needs. Since the top qb's are off the board no need imo to reach for Tebow. I was thinking one of the DE's or OLB's but they just drafted Groves and Harvey though they only had 14 total sacks last year. But with so many guys out there might as well draft a guy later. Seems Jags fans are pretty frustrated with the play of Reggie Nelson so i was thinking of slightly reaching for Earl Thomas. But at the end the Jags take Dez Bryant to add some much needed big play ability to go with Sims Walker and MJD.
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With Rolondo McClain gone already, the Broncos select Carlos Dunlap DE Florida. The Broncos need help on the interior of their offensive line, but with the most athletic player in the draft at a position of need on the board the Broncos pull the trigger.
The Dolphins could go multiple ways here, but with a seriously aging defense, the need for playmakers on that side of the ball trumped the highly intriguing idea of having someone like CJ Spiller behind this offensive line in the wildcat.

Instead of going BPA, the Dolphins go BPA on defense, and jason PP is it.

The Dolphins select Jason Pierre-Paul from the University of South Florida

After much deliberating amongst the group (and Singletary almost putting Scotty through a wall), the 49ers have finally decided to improve on the one part of the team that, over the years, has failed to improve.

With the 13th pick, the 49ers select Mike Iupati, OG, Idaho

Although a little high, his size, strength, and talent shown in the Senior bowl and combine will shoot him up the board. Singletary wants smash-mouth football, and Gore runs the best between the tackles. Also, if needed, can play RT. And yes, I know i'm gonna get blasted for not picking up a certain player from Clemson (whom i'm pretty sure will be picked by Sea next), but my reasoning will be explained after the second first rounder.
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The USC-Hawks select DE Derrick Morgan Georgia Tech

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