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MMs early 49ers blueprint to the draft

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I would take Spiller if he was available at 13. I would LOVE Bulaga at 16 or 17

Agreed. If Spiller is there at 13, he better be the pick. He is a game changer on offense and defense. He reminds me of Chris Johnson out of the backfield, and he can return with the best of 'em.

If I am Singletary, here is how I go about bulstering the offense:

- Do whatever it takes to get Logan Mankins in FA.

- If Spiller is there at 13, take him.

- Draft the best tackle available with 16.

Of course, the likelihood of all that happening isnt very high, but those three moves would immediately make it a successful offsesason.

The only thing bad about your scenerio is that Seattle would more than likely if they don't take a Tackle at #6 will take one at #14 leaving us with the 4th or 5th best tackle at #16. That's why I think we need to take our tackle at #13 and Spiller should still be available at #16. I agree, though that Logan Mankins would look good in a Niner uniform.

Yeah a lot is going to be dictated by what Seattle does at 6. Let's say they draft a tackle at 6, I bet they would target a player like Spiller with 14. They literally have no game changing players on their offense.

If they take a tackle at #6 then take Spiller at #13 and get our RT at #16. I thinks that's probably the way they go unless they take a Qb at #6.

I think after the combine watching spillers blazing speed seattle takes him at #6 and then goes tackle at #14

That would freaking suck. If they actually got a running game and an OLine that might put them back in contention if Hasselbeck returns to form.
isnt it still a possibility that we might do something else at RT, like bring t.pashos back??? he looked really good out there before he got injured. anyone can get injured, even a rookie high draft pick.
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McClain will be one of or if not the safest pick in the draft. Definitely not something I would be upset with if we did draft him.

yeah but how much better does he make us? We already have Willis and Spikes with McKillop in waiting at the TED spot. We have holes elsewhere. This pick IMO has got to go towards fixing our holes at spots like RT, SS, OLB, OG.

Think about it this way, if you had to choose between Patrick Willis or Joe Staley, which would you choose? OT is more of a need position, but your telling me you would pass up pro-bowl potential for some average stiff?

Remember that these players are going to be playing for us for more than just next year...
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