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Draft a QB in the 1st

Originally posted by Oakland-Niner:

No perennial good teams sit around and wait to fill their needs when they come up. Good teams are proactive. They always have a plan B.

Who are the quality back-ups for the Saints, Colts, Cowboys, Chargers, or Giants? Very rarely do teams have and keep quality back-up at the QB position.

Not trying to knock you, but it seems whenever a team gets a good back-up, those back-ups quickly become starters for other teams.
Yes draft Jimmy Clausen.
All we need to do is send Philly a 4th rounder for Vick.
I really like McCoy..

I would only take McCoy if....

Bryant is gone, Spiller is gone, Berry is gone, Mays is gone..
The only QB I want in the first is Jimmy Claussen.

This draft class is eerily similar to the 05 class.
Clausen is Rodgers
Bradford is Smith

Clausen's skillset translate better in the NFL. I don't understand the hoopla with Bradford. He's not super athletic or has a great arm. Frankly, I don't see the difference between him and McCoy and Im not high on Colt either. When your ceiling is Chad Pennington, you shouldn't be a first round pick. But Chad was a first round pick in 01 so anything can happen

Tony Pike is another impressive qb to me.

Ryan Mallett submitted his name to the draft advisory board but I haven't heard anything news yet. He certainly has all the physical tools to leapfrog Bradford.
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Ryan mallet should be a top 10 pick if he decide to stay in college for another year

he has all the physical tools to be an elite QB, it's just he's only a sophomore. and most quarterbacks are juniors or seniors. if we're not going to immediately start a Qb we should aim for Mallet, and he is most likely a bottom 1st type of prospect, so we can trade down and grab him.
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No thanks.
Originally posted by Remmaps:
No thanks.
Originally posted by Kolohe:
Only QB I'd take in the 1st would be Sam Bradford or Jimmy Clausen, and I really doubt any one of those two fall to us. Rams, Redskins and Seahawks all look like good suitors for both of these QB's, shoot Buffalo could also pull the trigger too. But if none of these QB's fall to us, then I hope either Dan LeFevour or Tim Hiller are drafted by us.

If I had my choice, it would be LeFevour. He has been consistently productive for three straight years, while Hiller really struggled this year. I would take a flyer on him in the middle rounds to compete with Hill and Davis as the primary backups.
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