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Joe Haden, CB, Florida

I wish Clements would swallow his pride and realize that a move or rotation at FS may be the best move for him and the team.

I like Haden a lot. If we get him, sweet.
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He's the real deal. Not sure how he'll time out (4.4s or 4.5s), but in terms of pure cover skills, toughness, technique and size, he'd be the top CB in the draft if he declares.

Where do you think he ranks as a prospect compared to the other top CB prospects of the last 3,5,10 yrs etc. I ask because I think for a CB to be a truly impactful on our team he would have to be an upgrade over 2 good corners in Nate and Spencer, and I hardly want to spend a top 10 pick on a "slight" upgrade.

I think Haden is somewhere between a Leon Hall (Bengals) and Darrelle Revis (Jets), and definitely a better overall talent than Spencer. If the 49ers feel that Clements is no longer worth his contract, they could grab Haden and start him next to Spencer next year. Haden, Spencer, Brown and a vet like Bly/Harris would be a very nice corps of CBs.

Is that really that much better than Nate, Spencer, Brown and Bly tho?

If we plan on keeping Nate, I doubt we go with a CB in the 1st wouldn't make sense financially to have that much money tied up into a group of CBs. But if we think Nate isn't worth his contract, and decide to part ways with him, grabbing Haden makes sense, because I don't think you want to head into next season with just Spencer, Brown and Bly/Harris as your top CBs.

I see what you're saying, but I also don't think this team is in position to release quality players because they're overpaying them. Really bad teams can purge their rosters, and really good teams can afford to be fiscally responsible. This team needs the playoffs, and cannot spend a top 10 pick to be where it left off in the off-season. Any thoughts on how Nate projects to FS or SS? Personally I have mixed feelings.

I agree with you that we really can't afford to let good players walk, but money is a reality in the NFL and if the Niners brass determine we could get by with someone else at a much cheaper rate, so be it.

I think Nate could play either FS or SS...he's one of the few corners who play the run better than he covers, so having him in the box to stuff the run would be awesome. But he's got enough ball skills and of course has more than enough cover abilities to play FS. His future is definitely at safety...I just hopes he doesn't let his ego get in the way of that reality.
anyone have any player comparisons ?
Earlier in the season i would have been against drafting a CB with one of our 1st rounders, but now i wouldn't mind drafting Haden.
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anyone have any player comparisons ?

GOFD is on the money with his comparison on the 1st page, 4th or 5th post.
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I didnt watch many florida games, but the ones i did he looked like crap. The commentators gave him high praise but he got burnt alot. I think he was a product of better talent around him that made him look good i guess. There is also a Link on the 49erswebzone some one posted that shows haden playing terrible. I hope we dont draft haden he's going to be a bust.

I watch a lot of SEC football (and have for years), and I don't remember to many UF games where Haden looked bad. Did he get burned a few times? Probably...every CB does, from Champ Bailey to Ronnie Lott back in the day. That's all part of playing that position, but the best DBs make more plays than they give up, and that was definitely the case with Haden.
i been looking around in the mock dratfs...most of them say we might pick up the CB gator...joe haden.

what you guys think?
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Only if we cut Clements or move him to FS do I see us drafting Joe Haden in the first round.
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