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Yes would fill two major needs for this team slot wr and return game would be sweet.
So u guys who wouldn't mind taking him in the 2nd round would rather have him than Jerry Huges or Brandom Graham ????? I say the 2nd round is reserved for an OLB that can rush the passer.

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If he's the BPA, I have no problem taking him, but it would be hard to pass on a player like Brandon Graham if he was available at the same time.
dude was a beast in madden09 once I drafted the class from ncaa 09 football, just imagine how sick he would be in madden10, this is a no brainer!
we need a returner badddddd, imagine what it would do if we had better field position
Gilyard, Arenas and Spiller would help solve our returner situation and could be valuable back ups at WR, CB and RB and possibly more in the future.
Spiller or Shipley
We need Mardy Gilyard, Carlos Dunlap, Ndamukong Suh, Joe Haden & Eric Berry...
I'd like to get an OT and then Spiller or Gilyard (who cares if it's early, it's what we NEED) with the second 1st rounder...

Spiller would be better as it serves our RB need though.
I could imagine if Gilyard puts on some more muscle he could be a Steve Smith kind of player.

Bump...I think this guy is gonna be fantastic return man. He seems to have that elusiveness you need to be a good returner. You can see that he just has that natural ability to find the open spot and make cuts before anyone else recognizes it.

He'd also be a fantastic slot WR.
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Glad to see more people hopping on the bandwagon. Been telling you, fellas, Gilyard's a special talent -- 1st round talent -- that I expect to go in at least the top 25.

4 to 5 WR's in the first rnd this year and Gilyard will be one of them.

Until the massive influx of top junior talent, I think Gilyard would've stuck to the top 25 range. He still has 1st-round talent, no doubt, but some of these juniors could feasibly push Gilyard into the second round.

Hopefully he can time better than expected at the combine, but the guy is just a great player. I'd love to land him as our slot guy in the 2nd round if he makes it there.
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