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What position is the safest pick in the draft?

Has anyone ever researched the draft from this perspective?

I just wonder... of all the 1st round picks let's say from 2000 to 2004 (broken down by position of course), how many of them were starters 5 years after they were drafted?

In my guestimation, LB and RB are the safest choices to get a long term starter. QB and WR are probably the most risky picks. I'd like to see some numbers if any body has any.

What position do you think is the safest pick?
Only safe pick is Eric Berry
McCoy DT Oklahoma
O-line usually is the safest picks, unless your the Rams hehehehe

* see Raiders depth chart *
I think OT
Originally posted by tohara3:
I think OT

I agree with that. I remember reading somewhere that if an OT doesn't workout. You can still put him at guard and he'll be at least decent. Example: Robert Gallery.

OT or CB
Long Snapper
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Originally posted by jreff22:
Long Snapper

backup LB
Originally posted by backontop:
Only safe pick is Eric Berry
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