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I was one of those guys that knew Alex Smith was a HUGE mistake back in March of 05.

Over the last several years the 2 QB's I really wanted was Cutler and Sanchez.

But doesn't it seem like there are too many young QB's in the league right now?

Escpecially with Ryan, Flacco and Sanchez.

Anyone else fear that the league is due for a bad QB class...and of course the Niners will be picking one of them.
It just sucks watching your beloved team select the QB you don't want and constantly pass on the QB you do want....and man it has been a long time since I have been proven wrong on a young QB.

BTW, Tebow is the next guy that scares the hell outta me.

His name is Nate Davis, read up on him, he will be here for a while, and will do great things for the 49ers. They will not spend a high pick on a QB this draft. Rest easy.

Nate Davis is gonna be a good quarterback for the 49ers.

Yeah he'll be a good back up for Colt 45 Mccoy.