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Help me pick 2 out of these 5 RBs for the final high stakes, make it or pack it up game

So my playoff window looks like this:

I have to win, one of the three teams above me has to lose, and I have to end up with more total points than that team for the season. Of those three teams I trail in total points to two of them by around 100, so passing them is unlikely. But the third team I lead in total points by 35 right now. So basically, I have to win and put up as many points as possible this week. But I since I have a lead in points already on this guy, I really need to just make sure I avoid an abnormal points drop.

With that in mind, which 2 of these 5 guys should I play:

Reece v CLE
McFadden v CLE
Murray v PHI
Dwyer @ BAL
Vereen @ MIA

Obviously my original plan was to be playing DMC and Murray every week. But since I don't know what to expect from them I'm actually thinking about not playing either. Currently I have Reece and Dwyer.

What do you guys think?
It hurts just thinking about these options.
if everyone's healthy and playing then you gotta go with DMC and Murray. if not Reece and flip a coin between Dwyer and Vereen.
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