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Andre Johnson Owners!!!

Bad trade.
Originally posted by Chief:
Beanie Wells, really?

Need the wins to get into the playoffs right now, and Wells is scoring touchdowns every week. Johnson does nothing but sit.
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Originally posted by zillabeast:
Yeah that right lol

Good luck to the rest of ya and your chronic hamstring muhahahahahaha

and now the schaub news. Ouch AJ finally gets to come back to Matt Leinart.

And just this past thursday tried to trade Newton to the Schaub owner for MJD. He also has Gore, Lynch, Sproles ppr money league. Bet he comes a calling now!
Damn I'm pissed about Schaub. Luckily I only picked up Johnson because I had the space and wanted to take a chance. I have a decent set of WR's as is.
My condolences to yall lol
I've got Mike Wallace, AJ Green, and Steve Smith on my team with Andre Johnson. With him out I haven't skipped a beat... I've tried to trade him like 10 times but in my league maybe 2 trades have happened... sucks. I need an RB so bad in that one.
i dont why everyone is down.. I dont care if its Matt Leinart or some Ape from the Local Zoo.. Get the ball up in the air in AJs area and hes coming down with it case closed. I still wouldnt trade AJ for Beanie wells or as i call him when im at the game in AZ Broken Wheels.
Originally posted by zillabeast:
Just traded Andre for Beanie Wells.

Heh. Looks like I won.
He got injured again. Game over. I'm cutting him tomorrow.
Originally posted by Janitor:
He got injured again. Game over. I'm cutting him tomorrow.

He's listed as day-to-day

Ruled out.
rofl looks like he is a go this week if you're still in it
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