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Pick 2: Dwayne Bowe (MIN), Brandon Marshall (@SD), Dez Bryant (DET)

Help please! Thanks
is dez 100% yet? i like his chances with romo over cassel and henne

EDIT: sorry i didn't read it thoroughly and picked one. i would go with bowe since he's on my fantasy team . the dolphins are going to split carries between thomas, bush, and slaton, while the chiefs just have... bowe. unless mccluster is used efficiently
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I think Dez is a gametime decision but he looks good to go. It would make it a lot easier for me if Dez was sitting it out.

If Dez plays, I think I'm going to go with him + Bowe...or should I go Marshall...damnit, so hard.
go Marshall and Bowe
f**king Bryant is still a "game-time decision." That usually translates to the coach is keeping it close to the chest to f**k with the other team before declaring him out. I don't mess around with game-time decisions, not after John Fox f**ked me over with BLloyd two weeks ago and quite possibly cost me a close game.
Marshall and Bowe
thx guys, yeah im probably gonna go marshall/bowe. i'm intrigued by the bryant matchup vs detroit especially with miles austin out. the early start helps bc it'll allow me to figure out if he's active or not.
c********r. I'm sorry man. I f**king hate head coaches.
Originally posted by DaManRathman:
Marshall and Bowe

dez and bowe.. i'm money with these answers!!!
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