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Which RB/WR do I start this week at FLEX?

Week 1

Mark Ingram versus the Packers
Felix Jones versus the Jets
AJ Green versus the Texans
Kendall Hunter versus the Seahawks

PPR after 5 catches, return yards net points.
AJ Green versus Cleveland (not HOU) may be good, but I have not watched Dalton yet, so I don't know how well that bond is building... Ingram could be a solid choice as well. I doubt Kendall touches the ball much in this first game, but I could be wrong. Tough choice you have there.
I don't really like any of those. If I had to pick I guess it would be Ingram.
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Felix Jones
I agree with most of you... Here is my outlook on why I can't pick.

Felix Jones I drafted to hold this spot, but this week he is playing the Jets.
Ingram I drafted to fill in for Jones but this week I have no idea how many touches he will get.
Green, has a rookie QB...
Hunter I drafted as a handcuff for Gore, but he is going to be our kick returner.

So I am still confused... I might play Ingram just so the season opener tomorrow will be more exciting and I can route for someone.
jones is safer as he has produced well in the past and should only get better but he is playing the Jets who have a great run D

Ingram may give you more points as he is playing the packers whos run D isnt the greatest however he is a rookie so you ont know how he will produce

i would go with ingram though he has performed well in preeason and has a nose for the TD also solid o line and passing game
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Felix will run through the Jets
I'd go with Felix. He's the safer play and he is their starting RB. Even though it's the Jets D, he'll still get carries and touches in the passing game as well.
Felix. I drafted him for my flex as well, and I have AJ Green on my bench. I want to wait on Green, as I do with all rookies.

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