So I missed my draft last night in my money league I won last year and woke up this morning and still feel I have a good chance to compete even though Yahoo picked my team.

Round 1: Darren McFadden
Round 2: MJD
Round 3: Peyton Hillis
Round 4: Reggie Wayne
Round 5: Mario Manningham
Round 6: Matt Schaub
Round 7: Jimmy Graham
Round 8: Green Bay
Round 9: Mason Crosby
Round 10: Joseph Addai
Round 11: Willis Mcgahee
Round 12: Mike Thomas
Round 13: Jay Cutler
Round 14: Greg Olsen

I have 3rd position in WW.

Add: Braylon Edwards Drop: Willis Mcgahee
Add: Lance Kendricks Drop: Greg Olsen
Add: 49ers D Drop: Jay Cutler

I don't feel like Yahoo did too bad. I have some high risk high reward players, more than I'd like, but at least there's reason for a little optimism. If I'm active on grabbing guys off the wire, I think I'll compete.