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Rate my team please

10 team league, snake draft .5 PPR Cash league. Round drafted in ()

I had the 8th pick

QB P. Manning (4)
RB C.Johnson (1)
RB K. Moreno (5)
WR R. White (2)
WR D. Jackson (3)
WR B. Marshall (6)
TE G. Olson (13)
Def Cowboys (15)
K S.Gostowski (16)


QB K. Orton (14)
QB C. McCoy (12)
RB R.Bush (9)
RB M. Tolbert (7)
RB J. Ringer (10)
WR A. Collie (8)
WR M. Crabtree (11)

Obviously when we drafted CJ was still not under contract causing the teams in front of my to pass on him.

I am a little worried about a #2 RB and I have a feeling Olson is either boom or bust as a TE so I may scrounge the waiver wire for an average TE if he doesn't start well.
9 out of 10 could be higher if you had a better defense. Looks like a very good team
I'd say that's a pretty decent team. Lots of good power players.
Looks like a solid team, I think Moreno is a decent #2 RB option at this point especially if John Fox utilizes him like everyone thinks he is.

The only think I wouldn't do is have 3 QBs on a roster, I would drop McCoy and pick up a possible RB or WR sleeper, who knows you may hit a home run.
ya id drop mccoy and see if u could get Willis McGahee.. hes already goaline back and moreno goes down he will fill in very well.
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