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Blair White or Derek Hagan?

Blair White or Derek Hagan?

Which one will be the better fantasy performer for the rest of the season and the playoffs?

White has put up better numbers so far, but is the 3rd WR if Collie stays out and the 4th WR if he doesn't. Still, Indy's 3rd WR tends to put up a lot of points.

Hagan is the number 2 WR for the Giants. He has more talent and knowledge of the system than most guys signed off the street would have. And Eli has made stars out of just about everyone they've lined up at WR. But he also only ended up with 3 catches out of his 9 targets and was just signed off the street.

Tough call.....

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those are your only options
Originally posted by valrod33:
those are your only options

Well it looks like Crayton is going to be out for a bit with a dislocated wrist, so I should probably replace him with another WR. Currently I'm using James Jones, Gaffney or Driver my third WR. But it seems like both White and Hagan have a chance to be a better WR3 start in the playoffs than any of the guys I have now. So I'm thinking about grabbing one and seeing what happens.

There are some other WRs available, but none that I think are going to be very good starts. A few of them are: Massaquoi, Shipley, Bennet, Avant, Jenkins, Hester, and Ford.

But since both Hagan and White are suddenly, because of injuries, potentially very big scorers, I thought a poll with just them would be more interesting. And useful, since they're probably both available in most leagues.
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If you must, I'd say White in TD-heavy leagues, Hagan in standard leagues.
Someone else grabbed Hagan so I went with White. With the news that Collie is not playing this weekend, I think that makes White a pretty good pick up.

The question now is, who do I start as my 3rd WR, James Jones, Gaffney, or White?
Start White if Collie is out. Plus he returns punts could break one for a TD.
James Jones is starting to get a lot more looks in Green Bay's pass happy offense. I think White and Jones are your best two options. I like Jones.
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