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hillis, benson, forte, spiller. who should I start?

i keep thinking hillis is a fluke and bench him every week only for him to get 100 yards and at least one score a game.

forte started out great but chicago's pasing offense and dogsh*t online has hurt his productivity.

benson hasnt had one one hundred yard game all year.

spiller is intriguing cause lynch got traded. he's my wild card boom or bust play. because I have no history to base him off of.
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Go with the hot hand right now and that's Hillis. The browns are at home this week so look for them to give him 20-25 touches against ATL.
Hilis. I been starting him for 2 weeks now. They give him the ball a lot. and it appears that Harrison is in the dog house so Hillis is even getting catches that previously went to Harrison. He's a a goldmine.
Hillis. Hot hand right now, awful passing team with a very underrated defense. The D seems good enough to keep games close, so the running game should be an option for the duration of most of their games.
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