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Steals and Sleepers

Originally posted by crzy:
Originally posted by dobophile:
Which sleeper WR would you rather have: Josh Morgan or Chris Henry?

Easily Morgan, who will lead 49er receivers in targets.

While Henry has to fight with Coles and Ocho Cinco.

That's what I think, too, but I wanted to keep my homerism in check.
I'm a big Fantasy Football fan. I have a few players in my drafts drop to low rounds and could be key pick-ups depending on how big you're league is, 10-12-14 teams.
At QB:
Donavan Mcnabb if healthy will have a monster year and I have seen him go mid-to late rounds.
Matt Shaub Has all the tools to have a great year
Trent Edwards, look for the long pass to lee evens(another sleeper)

At: RB:
Kevin Smith: I don't believe he will be a big yardage guy, but I see multiple TD's. His value is hurt by 2nd half running Chances are Lions will be down at that point.
Earnest Graham: His name is on my list because I picked him up in the 16th round (My league includes Defensive players)
Pierre Thomas: Seems to be slipping to late first half or most drafts, 6th-7th round

At: WR:
Lance Moore:Could be picked-up late in most drafts, should be a 1,000 yard reciever

(You guys already mentioned our boy Josh Morgan)

Lee Evens: I think we are all on the same page with him, just depends on how much Trent looks his way because of fear from T.O.

Devin Hester: The Brandon Marshall of last year. Early production, then about the 4th week into the season trade his ass for someone better.

At TE:
Vernen Davis: I love him this year, Dink and Dump passes and let him show us why he was our first round pick a couple of years ago.

Jeramy Shocky: How could you not love anyone who is on Drew's radar.

Best advise I can give for Defense and Kickers is:
Don't pick one!!! Wait for the weekly match-ups and select the best two.

The picks are not people that will be sitting on the waiver wire when the draft is done, but these are picks that could fall to the mid to last few rounds.

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Hightower anyone?

Beanie is injury prone and he did score 10 TDs last year.
Originally posted by dman:
Hightower anyone?

Beanie is injury prone and he did score 10 TDs last year.

Great pick-up. Sorry I missed him in my post!
Lynch. He was a 2nd rounder before the suspension....and now he can be found in the 5th or later. Value like that could be worth the suspension, just make sure he is your 3rd back
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Originally posted by krizay:
Anthony Gonzalez- not really a steal or sleeper but will out perform where he's drafted.

Cedric Benson played surprisingly well last season. no one will trust to take him
Julius Jones (zone blocking scheme in Seattle)
Rashad Jennings no Fred Taylor and Greg Jones sucks. Somone has to split carries and what if MJD can't carry the load.

Laverneus Coles replaces who'syourmomma in Cincy
Mark Clayton eventually they are going to realize he's better than Derrick Mason for the love of god
Mark Bradley maybe, maybe not. but worth keeping an eye on.

Kyle Orton McDaniels is going to chuck the rock period. Which mjeans alot of yards and TD's. and of course Int's
Hasslebeck & Carson Palmer they too will outperform where they are drafted.

Greg Olsen him and cutler will get along great. Should be the end of Clark stealing catches
Mercedes Lewis If he was in the NFC he may have been the 3rd pro bowl alternate
Randy McMichael 23 total targets in 4 games last year beforee injury.

talk about an ugly set of predictions!
Tashard Choice
Leon Washington
Mark Sanchez
Mario Manningham
Steve Smith (NYG)
The guy from Indy with the french last name WR
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Glen Coffee is an absolute MUST HAVE right now.
cedric benson worked out for me

so has hester
Originally posted by RonMexico:
cedric benson worked out for me

so has hester

i am playing the waiver wire game with benson. and am just so damn scared to start hester. especially with knox coming on. and don't want to pick up knox because who knows.

i am thinking of picking up garcon from the colts, but once again i am not sure.

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