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We are finally here!!!!

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Schedule for the play-in games:

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How play-in works:

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thanks 4ml thats fun stuff
Originally posted by TheGore49er:

Warriors suck ass at Staples. Especially Curry. must be that dark background with the lights dimmed.

If Lakers at full strength, which they should be, this could be over early
Originally posted by MoistButtCheeks:
thanks 4ml thats fun stuff

Can't wait for these play in games.

Want Wizards over Celtics. That Westbrook v. Durant matchup is gonna be fun!

That Lebron v. Curry matchup will be amazing too! Can't f**king wait.
Cmon Beal and Westbrook. Get this win man!!!
I love the play-in format

Dud games.

Warriors v Lakers will be fun tho!
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Originally posted by StOnEy333:

Originally posted by luv49rs:
Originally posted by StOnEy333:

Gonna get a lot of opportunities to shoot 3s tonight.

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