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Back to Back NBA Champion Golden State Warriors 2018-19

He had a rough year man..

Maybe a fresh start somewhere else might be good for him
Originally posted by bayarealuv:
He had a rough year man..

Maybe a fresh start somewhere else might be good for him

Yup fresh start in Lithuania with Gelo Ball.
Shut down dray for the preseason yo
What's the best way to watch the dubs this year if the reddit streams go down the crapper? I was gonna hulu tv but $40/month is a bit steep.
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Originally posted by nothing03:
McCaw is a bum haha turned down the Warriors offer of 2 years 4 million. I don't think he would get that much offer. Good luck with that. I'm glad he rejected it. Hope we get J. Crawford as NinerJohn mentioned Evans is not ready for prime time yet with his lack of shooting. So I hope we get Crawford if McCaw leaves.

He's got two rings, I think he's looking for more consistent playing time, instead of being a bench warmer.

With that being said, I don't think he has leverage so his approach is a head-scratcher fo sho

I don't know any team would sign him more than a min. and more playing time? I don't think he has any leverage there are tons of other free agents that are better than him that hasn't sign yet.
Some intriguing Free Agents to take McCaw spots.
1. J. Crawford
2. Corey Brewer
3. Wait for a buyout
4. One of the G league players.
5. Nick Young????

Swag Champ!!!
Id rather play with 13 guys than bring Nick Young back. LOL
Originally posted by mayo49:
McCaw is no big loss - average at best player.

Truthfully, last year he was less than average. Maybe considerably so. Mostly due to injury. Played like he had totally lost his confidence. I really wonder if he might not really have the love for basketball, particularly after almost getting paralyzed last year.
Two-time defending champ Warriors switch up practice routine-Associated Press Oct 4, 2018, 12:22 AM EDT

OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) — Even the two-time defending NBA champions are seeking ways to reinvent themselves when it comes to preparation and practice routine.
The Golden State Warriors are putting a greater emphasis on player development this training camp with a younger roster.
An hour ahead of formal team workouts, Golden State's young core shows up for individual skill work, to learn defensive concepts or to go over offensive schemes and terminology with assistant coach Chris DeMarco.

"We have a veteran team, so being able to get these young guys in and still be able to do drill work that maybe the veterans don't need, that's always going to be beneficial moving forward because it's a long season," DeMarco said after practice Tuesday. "So sometimes you get caught up and you're not able to practice, there's back-to-backs where the young guys aren't out there developing those skills that we need them to develop. So coming in early, making sure they're getting that individual work, making sure they're getting that team defense concept, offensively what we're trying to do, the actions and all that, that's important."
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Report: Kevin Durant allured by Knicks same way LeBron James allured by Lakers By Dan Feldman Oct 4, 2018, 3:40 PM EDT

LeBron James signed with the Los Angeles Lakers, a prestigious franchise in a large market.
Kevin Durant can become a free agent next summer, and – oh hey, there's the Knicks, a prestigious franchise in a large market.

Chris Haynes on Fox Sports 1:
"The New York Knicks have a very good shot at luring KD away from the Bay Area. The reason I say that is his business partner, Rich Kleiman is based in New York, huge New York Knicks fan. Their business is located and based in New York. KD's dad is a big New York Knicks fan. The same allure that LeBron had toward the Los Angeles Lakers – just the building, the culture – is the same thing, the same way, I know, that KD feels about the Knicks."

Haynes still gave the Warriors the edge to re-sign Durant. Remember, LeBron was on a Cavaliers team with an owner he disliked and supporting cast he couldn't trust. Durant doesn't have those problems in Golden State, so outside franchises might not sway him the same way.
But Haynes could be in the minority in believing Durant will return to the Warriors.

Tim Bontemps of The Washington Post on the "Yahoo Sports NBA: Chris Mannix" podcast:
"If you polled people around the league right now, a lot more people think he's going to the Knicks and then maybe to the L.A. teams before he's going to stay with the Warriors."

"Along those lines, I've been really surprised at how many people are – NBA types that I talk to on a regular basis – are convinced it's going to be New York. There are a lot of people, Tim, that believe the Knicks are a prohibitive favorite to land Durant."
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So tired of hearing what KD and Klay may or may not do next year. Can we just not appreciate this years team and hopefully watch them win for the 4th time in 5 years?

Geese these lame duck rumors. Just bs rumors to try and stir the fkn pot. I don't buy it. You listen to the Warrior beat writers, radio the ones more closer. The Dubs are a tight unit.
Why the fk would KD pass up the opportunity to continue to win championships? I mean these guys have the shot at going on a serious run here. Why pass that up? Put yourself up there with the great Celtics teams that won 8 in a row. Not saying they will do that but they can get up there. The east poises no threat.

What they fail to mention is we have the Silicon Valley, which these guys are taking advantage of all the side projects.

James had a house already in LA. Been setup there for a bit too.
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all the stars are out west or in a few east teams like Boston, Philly, and Milwaukee.

The NBA cant stand that their NYC area teams suck and have for a long time.

Any star who even hints of moving will get linked with NYC.
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Originally posted by Bluefalcon61:
all the stars are out west or in a few east teams like Boston, Philly, and Milwaukee.

The NBA cant stand that their NYC area teams suck and have for a long time.

Any star who even hints of moving will get linked with NYC.

Durant would be crazy to sign with the Knicks. Like you said - all the good teams are in the West. He's got a perfect situation here.
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Curry out at Sac tonight. Personal matter.
KD or no KD

Keep the core and sign Anthony Davis

Problem solved

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