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Jonah lomu dead... rugby union/all black legend

Yeah RIP 2015 Jonah Tali Lomu, ALLBLACK 1994-2002 the game they play in heaven needed you on the team, keep on steamrollin' on.....malo lelei.
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Originally posted by valrod33:
never heard of her

Understand your ignorance and diss valrod but if you saw the clint eastwood directed and matt damon acted movie 'INVICTUS', Nelson mandela had the respect for Lomu and I bet clint and matt did as well. Lomu was and is the equal of your great NFL legends. RIP

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one of the trainers at my daughters gym was a body builder who required a kidney transplant after using steroids for years.The transplant appeared successful and he was released early only to have complications which caused him to have rejection complications.He died shortly there after.
LOMU although he was a absolute beast of a man,played all his rugby union games in the days that union was amateur.Many of his opponents were not up to any standard that we would half expect today.It is as if he was a fifteen year old up against ten year olds.
What would have been interesting to see would have been the man against fully trained professionals.All up he was a monster of a man who had no problem stampeding lessor men.Rest in peace big man,sleep the qiet sleep until the day you rise again.
The amateur game of rugby then was exceptionally excellent, Lomu's brilliance brought it to professionalism where players could be paid for their talent and that is the difference, getting paid, talent and professionalism was already there in the amateur game, now its work rather than play.
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Jonah Lomu 1975-2015
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