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The Soccer Thread 17/18

Crystal League beats Man city.

Amusing at the end as Man was within one down by 3 earlier.
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Ole saves the day again? What a debut.
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Wrong thread. TGT, GGG.
Anyone here an MLS fan?
Originally posted by SolRebe1:
Anyone here an MLS fan?

bring it to the new thread. (...I can't get into MLS, maybe it's the announcers, or the presentation.. something is off)
Pogba wants out this summer.
YNWA!!! Ugly game but a well-deserved trophy for this great season
If Scott Sterling played soccer lol
Cameroon women's team throwing fits of rage towards the refs. Stalling the game numerous times. Dramatic a f and will probably get fined. Lose 3-0

France vs Brazil was decent. France wins.


If that doesn't light a fire in your ass...
Lock this thread already
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