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Oakland Athletics thread

Yankees about to steal away Olsen, Murphy and Manea !!! Maybe even Chapman if they decide to flip Donaldson bc of his beef with Cole lol
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A's ownership is an embarrassment to MLB. They are at it again, getting rid of every player.
The Purge continues.
We've given away damn near everything and now we have the league right where we want them.
Ridiculous. Way to get rid of all supporters.
Originally posted by SteveWallacesHelmet:

Being an A for your entire career means you had a really short career.
Originally posted by English:
Ridiculous. Way to get rid of all supporters.

At this point any remaining A's fans cant be mad. They're well aware of how they operate.
In addition to a new stadium A's officials are also now on the lookout for a new team. Local tryouts to begin next week.
Way to go A's. I was skeptical that we'd be at .500 this far into the season.

Pleasantly surprised that the A's are above .500 right now. It defies conventional wisdom, but that said it is still early, not even 10% way through the season.
Back to where I expected them to be given all the changes in the off-season. Sad that it looks like Oakland is doing everything it can to usher the A's out of the area.

Would love to see them in the Sacramento area as remote a possibility as that is.

i see Sixth is at the game
I'm a Halos fan here. Sad to read about the state of your A's. Just over 2000 fans against the Rays??
Watching auburn Stanford elimination game. Tim Hudson is the auburn pitching coach and hasn't aged a bit
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