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`````````` MLS 2015 / 2016 ``````````

Group A
1) Brazil
2) Croatia

Group B
1) Spain
2) Netherlands

Group C
1) Colombia
2) Ivory Coast

Group D
1) Uruguay
2) England
Costa Rica

Group E
1) France
2) Ecuador

Group F
1) Argentina
2) Bosnia-Herzegovina

Group G
1) Germany
2) USA

Group H
1) Belgium
2) Russia
Korea Republic
USMNT plays at Candlestick May 27th vs Azerbaijan. Who's going?
Capitol: Baku
Official language: Azerbaijani
Random Fact: First Muslim-majority country to have operas, theater and plays. Currently around 95% of the population are Muslims.

I'm in
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RSL still undefeated
0-0 against KC without Wingert, Romando, or Beltran. I'll take it.
Originally posted by JiksJuicy:
RSL still undefeated
0-0 against KC without Wingert, Romando, or Beltran. I'll take it.

Don't bring that down to Buck Shaw

Originally posted by H41L5ATAN:

maybe I don't get it but I thought that was pretty meh
Originally posted by vrabbit:
Originally posted by H41L5ATAN:

maybe I don't get it but I thought that was pretty meh

The standards in this country for football (soccer) are very low. A video like this one would lead you to believe otherwise I think!
Arthur Blank and the city of Atlanta are coming to the MLS. Will they boom or bust?

Bayern Munchen?!

MLS State of the Union Addition

Code Red = Urgent
Code Yellow = Pressing
Code Green = Minor

*1* Single Table Format
Why do we need to have conferences? As far as I know there isn't another country in the world playing under a split conference format. Don Garber needs to ditch the "American" format and inherit a more universal one. Has the discussion even been considered? Also this format would eliminate the complication of trying to even out each conference and worry about potential time zone differences. Code Red

*2* Transfers over Trades
Trades are awful and create little to no buzz on a national scale. Remember David Beckham's transfer? When Michael Bradley and Clint Dempsey were recently transferred from Roma AS and Tottenham, it created such a buzz that *holds breath* ESPN mentioned it! For a stunning minute or two! Also hardly anyone noticed or cared that Jack McInerney was traded to the Montreal Impact. Yes Jack McInerney the young American Striker and USMNT prospect. Code Orange

*3* No Salary Cap
...but HA1L5ATAN what would happen to teams like Columbus Crew, Real Salt Lake, or Colorado Rapids? All the stars would move to NY or LA.
Okay... and the problem is...? Plus since 2010, teams like Colorado Rapids, Real Salt Lake, Sporting Kansas City, Houston Dynamo, and FC Dallas have all appeared in the MLS Cup. Most leagues in the world have a couple of world class teams and a bunch of other average clubs. The MLS needs an "American bully" ala the New York Yankees, Miami Heat, NE Patriots, etc. Code Red

*4* Supporter's Shield OR Playoffs... Pick one.
This is also so misleading to the average American viewer. I like the MLS and follow it so I understand it but when the Supporter's Shield was won a couple years ago by San Jose, a bunch of people out here in the Bay Area assumed we were the champions! Then the LA Galaxy went on to win the MLS Cup through the Playoff system. So which team truly deserved the glory? Lastly the format of the Playoffs no bueno. Code Green

Any other issues you think the MLS and Mr. Don Garber need to address?
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RSL still undefeated

And Nick Rimando is a complete beast...1 shutout away from tying the MLS record. Dude is just incredible.
I really don't like the rosters that Watson is going with. He's got it all wrong. Needs to shake s**t up.
Went to the Sac Republic FC home opener tonight. Playing in the USL Pro league (third division behind MLS and NASL).

Pretty good statement from Sacramento, which is hoping to get an MLS team. Sold out, more than 20,000 in attendance, more than double the previous USL single-game record. Impressive for third division.

Game itself was decent. Adam Jahn, 2013 first rounder for the Earthquakes, played for Sac on loan. Scored team's only goal. 2-1 loss.
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