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***Official 2008-2009 Houston Rockets Thread***

Well, its that time again, the NBA Season is upon us, and the Rockets are poised to make a run at the title, there armed and ready to roll.

Here's the Training Camp Roster:

11 C Yao Ming
15 C/PF Joey Dorsey
55 C Dikembe Mutombo

14 PF Carl Landry
4 PF Luis Scola
44 PF Chucky Hayes

96 SF Ron Artest
31 SF Shane Battier
19 SF Mike Harris

1 SG Tracy McGrady
17 SG Brent Barry
2 SG Luther Head

12 PG Rafer Alston
0 PG Aaron Brooks
3 PG Steve Francis
--- PG D.J. Strawberry

and then theres some guys Named Marcus Campbell and Von Wafer, they round out the roster

anyway, the only thing worrying me is 1.) Health and 2.) Backup PG spot, is Brooks ready or will Francis hold up.

Once we start winning the Closet Rocket Fans come out, just like last during the 22 streak.
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Well Battier's out at least a month. No link, saw it on TV
Here they go again

Originally posted by LA9erFan:
Here they go again

Hopefully he can play thru it, if not Start Artest at 3, and Barry at 2, I feel good about this season with or without McGrady, Artest plays well with Adelman and I think Scola will get better, and Battier(when hes back), Landry, Brooks, Dorsey, Mutumbo, Head and Hayes give us on of the best benches in the league.

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I get up for everybody. I played my son today in the backyard and I didn't let him score." -Ron Artest
Originally posted by LA9erFan:
I get up for everybody. I played my son today in the backyard and I didn't let him score." -Ron Artest

yup sounds like ron ron alright...
A little something to get you guys hyped up for the season
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What will cause more damage to Houston?

Ron Artest or Ike?
Originally posted by dman:
What will cause more damage to Houston?

Ron Artest or Ike?

So far so good, 2-0 after 2 games in the pre-season, Artest looks legite, and YAO looks great.

But, this may beour year, but im looking into the future, 2010-2011 is the year where we could see a roster turnover, i think only 4 or 5 guys are under contract for that season, which means some good cap room.
ok, fellow rockets fans, this is how the future looks for the Houston Rockets after next season, these are the guys under contract, and at what price.

11 C Yao Ming- $17,686,100M
31 SF Shane Battier- $7,354,500M
14 PF Carl Landry- $3,000,000M
44 PF Chuck Hayes- $2,301,250M(Team Option)
0 PG Aaron Brooks- $2,016,691M(RFA Tender)
15 C/PF Joey Dorsey- $946,300K(Team Option)

with the following FA's.

1 SG/SF Tracy McGrady
12 PG Rafer Alston
4 PF Luis Scola
2 SG Luther Head(Who is likely gone soon)
17 SG Brent Barry

and of course Artest is a FA next offseason, but could be brought back, so we could have a good amount of cap room in 2010 offseason.
Man I freeken loved the energy that we had in the Celts game lastnight.

Seeing T-Mac like that

Its been a reallllyyyyy long time haha

Great Read BTW
Tipoff is coming up, between the Rox and Grizzlies, in Memphis, preseason game, YAO wont start and may not play, but he looks in great shape and looks solid, instead Joey Dorsey starts at Center.

While TMAC wont play at all, which is urking me, but when he is on his A Game, he is awesome, so hopefully he just resting and getting ready for opening night.
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