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QB Brock Purdy Thread

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Originally posted by Phoenix49ers:
Originally posted by LifelongNiner:
Originally posted by Tru2RedNGold25:
Nice Job Lynch. Still could of used someone like McKinley at Safety or Jobe to compete at the CB position. Career practice squad player with NO potential.

Its the last pick of the draft.

Honestly I think Purdy has a better chance to stick as an NFL backup QB than McKinley has to stick on an NFL roster in any capacity. Dude's too small to play in the box in the NFL and too slow to play single high. If he's going to make it, he has to make it on special teams.

CJ Beathard in the making nothing special 🥱
Looks like lance is gonna hold the clipboard for one more season.
seems like a purdy good pick
Maybe trade bait for next year? Seems there were strong interest and a kine of teams waiting to sign him as a udfa.
If he beats out Sudfield this pick is already a hit
Like that he is mobile. That way he can run the same type of plays as Trey. Its good to have that for a backup, the ability to run the same playbook in practice as your starting QB.
Poor Trey, replaced before he gets started.
So camp body.
Originally posted by JaggedJ:
So if our Mahomes busts we've got our Brady?

Or is there some truth to Kyle really wanting Mac last year so he felt he needed a dad bod QB this year to call his very own?

Originally posted by NYniner85:
So camp body.

Yeah. We'll need someone to be the punch bag through pre - season

Trey Lance >>> Brock Purdy >>> Jimmy G >>> Nate Sudafed
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Originally posted by Ghostofabshelmet:
Originally posted by Giedi:
Originally posted by Ensatsu:
Get Sudfield outta here man

If he can beat out sudfeld, I'm all for the pick! 👍👌🏈

Just another body to make sure sudfield never sees the field

Agree. But if we can trade him for a fifth round pick in three years, thats a grand slam in my book.
Originally posted by NYniner85:

Jimmy is handsome, but Brock Purdy
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This guy sounds like a poor man's version of Jimmy G.
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