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I'm so tired of people trying to make AZ a thing every offseason. They have been mediocre to awful for a decade with one or two seasons of relevance. Their defense is atrocious. And their coach hasn't proven a single thing.

The Cardinals ALWAYS draft or sign flashy guys. It almost never works out. People on this board were trying to say David Johnson was a top 10 RB before the season. He stunk for years. Plural.

I don't know why we always prop them up.

They were literally the worst team in the NFL two years ago and earned a top 10 pick yet again.

They have perhaps the worst roster in the NFL. But people only pay attention to their three flashy players. They have nothing else.

The Corona getting to you that bad eh? Haha It's just conversation dude. I'm not propping the Cards up or give a flying crap about them to be honest,but I saw what they did at home to us last year and almost won the game. (Yes we came off a short week but it was not an easy win like GB or some other teams we smoked.) The Cards QB is RW 2.0 so it's not a gimme game imo and I could be 100% wrong but we will see. Oh I misspoke above, I do care about the Cards when they play Seattle.

LOL. I don't know what the Cards final record will be but I do know they are going to give us a tough game until the very end and maybe more. Their style of play, like Seattle, just isn't a great matchup for our style of defense.