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Rank 49ers biggest competition in Div next year

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Many agree the NFC West is probably the most competitive division but who do you think their biggest threat is next year?

I take AZ as the #1 threat. Even in the 2 games last year they gave SF a run and it was not a cake walk. Murray was like a squirrel darting around & toying with overweight stadium security guys and no one could touch him for the most part. In addition, we all know AZ has added some very nice pieces to the roster so far so I predict AZ & the 9ers to be battling for the top spot.

#2 Seattle. As long as they have the Elf'in Majic under center & the Ref Wizardry they will be competitive but i think SF & AZ will at least split the 2 games with them next year, and a good chance both sweep their 2 games with them.

#3 Rams. I think the Rams will bounce back this year compared to last, and be more competitive, but I still see them as the weakest team in the division. I don't think Goff is no where near what their front office decided he was, according to his pay stubs, just like they goofed on Hurley's contract,and of course Ramsey will break the bank and they don't have much to work with in draft capital either.

I saw Florio & King saying the NFC South is the toughest division the other day but I still believe it's the West hands down.
AZ. They will compete for the division.
Same old Cards
Originally posted by English:
Same old Cards

Same city,same old sorry ass Cards?

You're confused w/ the Rams.
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1. 49ers
2. Cards
3. Seahawks
4. Rams
I'm a little worried about the Niners. We've lost some good players and haven't added any. Maybe our rookies can compete this year, but just a guess.
All three look to be weak defensively.
1B Seahawks because RW is always RW
2 AZ because their oddball offense was a thorn in our side last year
3 Rams because Goff ( and they are a different team without Gurley ) and their "genius" coach needs knocked down a peg or two
Of course SF is 1A
Az hasn't proved anything.. seattle is our biggest competitor
1. Seahawks, RW will always cause us problems and if Clowney re-signs we will have bigger problems with that team moving forward.

2. The Rams will be a problem, but they have cap issues as well as other issues (Scary QB and depleted O-line) that should beat them back.

3. I do think the Cardinals are creeping into the conversation, and if they fix their O-line we may be in trouble. This team is being built to give us issues with tier mobile QB and multiple receivers that can hurts us in the passing game. Drake will be an issue as well. Their Defense is still a little behind but I guess we will see.

Originally posted by DaBeegDeek:
Az hasn't proved anything.. seattle is our biggest competitor

Originally posted by DaBeegDeek:
Az hasn't proved anything.. seattle is our biggest competitor

Same could be said about the 9ers the year before, 4 wins to the SB next? Not saying AZ is gonna be in the Bowl next year but just saying i think they will jump over the Rams & Seahawks this year as the div team to beat.
Originally posted by PopeyeJonesing:
All three look to be weak defensively.

Pretty much this.
Seattle and Russell Wilson will always bring big problems. They are a really tough match up for us. We don't match up well against them. It seems we can never get to Russell Wilson and he is accurate running around and throwing outside the pocket and creating things too. He is just a tough, tough match up and not to be underestimated.
Russell Wilson always gives me a heart attack so I'll say Seattle is the team I'm worried about the most.
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