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Why did you become a fan in the first place

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Born in sf, saw my first football game at the nfccg against the cowboys in 1994. Didnt understand what i was seeing since i was clueless about football but the niners won. I was hooked since.....up until 2017 when lynch was hired. Became a die hard steelers fan since.
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Came in on the Hayne Plane. Stayed for the Boomin' Onion. This game is addictive. Love this team. Sunday (Monday my time) hurt way more than it reasonably should.

dude that's awesome! I was a big Jarryd Hayen fan when he was here. glad to still have you
Originally posted by pdizo916:
Born in sf, saw my first football game at the nfccg against the cowboys in 1994. Didnt understand what i was seeing since i was clueless about football but the niners won. I was hooked since.....up until 2017 when lynch was hired. Became a die hard steelers fan since.

so that's not a troll? you're really a Steelers fan?
Born into it in San Mateo when my dad was a huge fan since Joe the Jet Perry gave him his first football tickets. I grew up in the steve young era since I was born in 87 and I've loved them ever since
Born and raised in SF. I was in elementary school and middle school when we won the first two SBs, but for some reason, I wasn't that big of a sports fan. I remember watching those first two Super Bowls, but not really caring either way. I became a die hard 49ers/Giants/Warriors fan in high school. A lot of it was due to my 9th grade P.E. teacher giving us written tests on the rules of every major sport. I remember also getting pop quizzes with questions such as "who scored the winning run/touchdown last night?", "who was the winning pitcher for the Giants last night?"...etc.

I was still an undergrad when we won our last SB. Still waiting for our 6th.....
Grew up in the East Bay and became a 49ers fan at age 10 in the mid-'70s. Though in the East Bay, where I was surrounded by a lot of Raiders fans, I've always rooted for the SF teams (Niners, Giants). '70s were tough for me because unfortunately the Raiders were good (Stabler, etc.) and the Niners were not. But then came Walsh, Montana, Lott & the SB wins.

The post-DeBartolo years have been different & difficult at times, yet to me you have to stick with your team through thick & thin. With these last two SBs being losses, it's been extremely difficult. Yet I look at the foundation that this current team has built, from the top, to the FO, to the coaching staff & the players, and I'm extremely optimistic for next season & seasons to come!
I moved to Squaw Valley in '76.

Whole new beginning for my life.

I became a Niners Fan almost immediately.

No regrets whatsoever.
i'm a native chicagoan, now i live in rocklin, soon moving to the bay. grew up a bears fan, was a huge one back in 80s. when i was was 10 my bears were going to play this west coast warm weather team that would shrivel up in the cold and crumble. this west coast warm weather team came in town on a cold cold cold ass day in chicago and i saw this warm weather team absolutely dismantle the bears. pause, dam these 9ers are really good if they could do that to my really good bears. then in superbowl that same year against cincy, was not rooting for anyone just rooting for a good game so i kept rooting for opposing team to score. well at the end i rooted for 9ers and cincy scored go ahead field goal. then something strange happened. i wanted the 9ers to win. i don't know why. so i rooted for the 9ers. the drive happened. i was happy when the bears won the superbowl in 85 but i was like 7 man. but when the 9ers won the superbowl in 88 and i was 10, something felt different i was hooked like boy when he notices a girl for the first time in that way when your whole entire world changes. but it was more than that. it was my identity, my soul. i felt whole. like i had an interest in something that couldn't be described or explained. never looked back. love this team through the losing years and the winning. there is just something to being a 9er man. those colors. that legacy. that f**king rush...
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I was 13 years old in 1981 and the city just exploded when "The catch" happened and won the big one. That's when I became bandwagon fan . Before the internet, my siblings and I would buy and read pretty much all the newspapers available just for the sports section (Sf Chronicle, SF Examiner and Argus when we moved to the east bay). We would cut out the pictures ,saved them and made albums. When I joined the service in 1990 along with my parents relocated in the east bay, those albums got lost. Those 80s and 90s teams really made our family really close. Nothing better to do than watch those games on a Sunday after church. Nothing better with Madden and Summerall calling the game.
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Born at St Lukes..

My Dad was a huge, loud, obscene, crazy, SF Giants /niners fan.

Kind of felt like he was helping out sending SB win #6 from above .E5ven if the niners did win on Sunday, I'm glad I got to witness other San Fran world championships with him when he was alive.

I really don't care if you're a bandwagoner. If you're supporting this team and spending your hard earned cash , you deserve to be called a niner fan.

I have some relatives who lived in the Bay area. Some still do. And they followed and supported the 49ers. So I became interested in them through that. Also when I was a kid I thought the red and gold uniforms with the shiny gold helmets looked really cool. It was the best looking uniform in the league. Also back in the day they actually used to win Super Bowls. It just got ingrained in the youth psychology. Once implanted there it's impossible to reverse it.

Then we got the Yorks.................We don't win anymore.................ever...................for 20 years and counting now.....................
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all my friends in iowa loved the vikings.. i wanted to be different. i looked around and said. i like the name niners and the colors are very cool. plus gene washington had a cool afro and a cool number. and on mcmillan and wife. hot sally mcmillan wore genes jersey to bed. so there you go
Originally posted by Izyniner:
My dad was a huge Niner fan and he told me it's either the Niners or get out!! I was thirteen and it worked out pretty well since I got to see the first super bowl win a few years later. Haha
I like your dad.
Always followed bay area sports teams due to Willie Mays. Got into the niners with brodie gene/vic hardman johnson wilcox. I think they got on a sports illustrated cover and that was that. Never could get past cowboys but ill lways remember that thanksgiving day game. The 70s were up and down despite having a lot of quality players on our roster. Then came Bill.
Joe Montana and Jerry Rice in the 80's and early 90's. Those Monday Night football games were special when the Niners were on.
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