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Coaches Film Analysis: 2019 Season

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What happened to Marvin? He still around?
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Originally posted by valrod33:
In before Oscar steals all of your hardwork and passes it off as his own

He do be posting all these breakdowns on Twitter tho
I can analyze as well.

Defense good
Offense bad
Shanahan confused
Jimmy suck
Run game suck

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This is the next time the 49ers ran against a bear front. And they use a run that exploits the weakness of the bear front, an outside toss to attack off tackle. The key blocks here are Kittle and McG on the edge.

I won't go too much into this, but will re-visit later in the 2nd half when the 49ers come out with 22 personnel to string together four successful runs, three against the Bucs bear front or some variation of it.
+12 yards
^^Nice block there by Richie James lol
Originally posted by NCommand:
Originally posted by valrod33:
In before Oscar steals all of your hardwork and passes it off as his own

Only if supported by PFF.

Truth lol
why can't I post gifs 😫😫😫
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Hello all,

Been a few years since I've posted but here goes "my one point" observation.

I thought there were to many called short, out in the flat or bubble passes called. Maybe Shannahan was protecting Jimmy but we weren't moving the ball at all on the edges with those throws. Sure his passes may have been off over the middle or down the field a bit but also those were his most successful. The bucs often had 8 men in the box and within 5 yards of the snap, they were all over the inside running plays. The only way to beat that is get the ball down the field. Add in those that were called back by penalty or the two that were dropped, he would have doubled his passing yardage and been over 71% in completion. I think Shannahan should allow JG to go downfield more, it's the only way he'll get back in the groove and the only way we'll end up in the playoffs.

Again, my observation.
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Last season the 49ers played that SEA style Cover3 with not many wrinkles. In this Bucs game alone, they showed two deep safeties presnap much more often than 2017/2018 (on a per game basis).
One of the ways to attack this type of Cover3 is to bring a deep over route from the strong side to attack the weakside Hook defender. This usually ended up pitting a LB on a WR deep down field. Here's an example from 2018.
The weakside Hook defender here is a LB (Malcolm Smith, red). His assignment is to watch for the Over route, and match it (man cover) if he sees it. Reuben Foster was good at this because he's agile compared to most LBs, but not many LBs can match WRs.

The weakside Hook sees it and runs with the Over route. But this is still a LB vs a speedy WR (TLockett).


This is the play jonnyd broke down in the first video (Winston steps on the left guard's ankle, near INT by Kwon). I wanted to show the safety rotation and how it helps combat this deep Over route. I'll also show some more plays related to this as I think the new way the 49ers use their safeties is worth the time. It may be Joe Woods influenced.
The 49ers will play Cover3 here, but will rotate to it from a 2 deep presnap look. Black lines are the three deep defenders. Underneath defenders are circled. Red is the weakside Hook.
3rd & 12

As red safety rotates down, he is looking for the deep Over route from the 3 WR bunch. In this case, yellow is the threat to cross the field.

While the deep Over route never came, the 49ers were prepared for it if it did. Compare the positioning that the red safety has on this play to the way Malcolm Smith had to defend it in 2018. Malcolm had to find it, turn and run with it. Even then it's LB vs WR.
Here red safety is prepared for the Over route to come to him - safety vs WR, less of a mismatch than LB vs WR. Because the safety is coming downhill, any route attacking his area is coming to him, and he sees it all the way. No need to turn around.
This isn't something new, even to the 49ers, but the frequency that they show 2 deep is higher compared to 2017/18. What starting from a 2 deep shell also does is allow the defense to muddy the presnap picture for the QB.

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Originally posted by jonnydel:
What's up y'all! Weeeeeee Baaaaaaaack.

Here's something to kick start the thread and convo!

dude, ur a fkn boss.
Originally posted by braap49er:
What happened to Marvin? He still around?
Excellent question. Have been looking forward to his usual write-up. That said, ….

Thank you to thl408 and johnnydel for your film analyses, and all others for your contributions. It's going to be a good year and these are fantastic break downs.
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