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2019 Team Information (Needs)

Originally posted by NCommand:
Originally posted by OnTheClock:
And just like that, my point about weak depth at OL becomes magnified. Garnett did get some reps at center in the off-season. I think our best bet for a starting OL week 1, if Person can't go, is:

LT - Staley
LG - Tomlinson
C - Johnson
RG - Garnett
RT - McGlinchey

(With what we have currently at least)

I don't want Garland at C. He can't snap the ball properly.

I fully agree OTC. I'll be watching Johnson at C again closely. Garnett absolutely has to be the option now. Toran scares the hell out of me.
Originally posted by Giedi:
Originally posted by NCommand:

Not looking good for KcKinnon, Boy oh boy. His career may be over.

One never likes to look into a players future, but after a time, spanning two seasons, and the player can't seem to heal...well, then you have to bite the bullet and say, "bad break"...and move on. Not saying it yet, but if he can't go, there has to be a limit on what constitutes being careful, cautious and foolhardy.
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I don't see kickers on that list
Originally posted by NCommand:

I agree with that.
Originally posted by ChaunceyGardner:
I don't see kickers on that list

Yeah. ST has to be high on that list esp. if we get a dynamic returner. you go.

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