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Allow The scouts to matter in the draft!

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Originally posted by SteveWallacesHelmet:
I was flamed on WZ by a couple of posters and told that GMs and draft war rooms dont look at where players are projected to be drafted, they just draft what they like. And was told thats how it should be.

Still disagree.

You're correct about this one and I'd add to the new GM and coaches - if you don't have a history of making great personnel moves, you should stick to listening to your scouts and actually benefit from all the time invested in building your draft board.
Originally posted by SteveWallacesHelmet:
Originally posted by genus49:
As for Beathard why are people acting like Kyle drafted him to be our future starter? I'm pretty sure the plan with Beathard was never to have him start for a while. Hoyer sucking and Jimmy's injury forced the issue.

I wholeheartedly disagree with this. How can you say Beathard was never meant to be a starter (or even start for a while), when you traded up to draft him in the 3rd round. Its not like he was a 6th round developmental pick. We used draft capital to move up and select him. You dont do that for players you have zero intention of playing. Period.
Number one, I don't have a problem with investing a third round pick into a backup QB. We see the importance of having a quality backup and you don't want your season to go down the drain if your starter is hurt. The problem is, CJ Beathard was not worth a 3rd round pick. If he were drafted in the 5th round, I don't think we would've had as much of a problem. Or if Beathard were graded as a 1st-3rd round QB, then where he was drafted would've been perfect. But he was always considered a late pick, so the 5th round is the earliest we should've been looking at him. Outside of the QB position, you can still get rookie starters in the 3rd round at most positions. We are suffering through A LOT of lessons this regime has had to learn. One of them is KS and his draft crushes. He's very clear on what he needs to run his scheme and while he may be an expert in identifying what traits a player needs, a player possessing those traits doesn't suddenly make them more valuable.

KS wanted Joe Williams. Lynch didn't want him at all, but JL listened to Kyle and went with Williams. We saw how that turned out. We see the Beathard situation (who does okay in this offense for a backup but throws picks at the worse possible moment). Pettis I'm willing to give more time to, but at this moment, he's only shown he's better than AJ Jenkins. We've got to stop over drafting guys just because KS likes them or they fit the scheme.
But guys we could've had Peterman in the 6th rd, he came from a pro style offence. Haha. Or the year before we couldve taken Lynch in the first after trading up. Or Mason Rudolph this year in the 3rd as a backup in Pitt

I'm happy with C.J. as a back up QB.

The only 2 big ? Is Williams and the red shirt pick of another big end in Street. Otherwise they are doing a great job of completely flipping a 53 man roster in such a short period of time.

Thinly vein hatred of Lynch and the franchise runs deep on the zone. I don't think even a super bowl will stop the whining.
Originally posted by ChazBoner:
Originally posted by Ensatsu:
well this is what Jed gets for hiring a GM with no executive experience. Matt Millen 2.0

step 1 is to kick Shanahan out of the draft war room.

step 2 is to hand all GM duties to adam peters.
to be fair, he tried landing legit GMs and they all turned him down. lol

Same with McVay. Went after him hard, but probably turned him off with this tiny, sweaty hands.

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Yeah, I think the scouts give their input in guys they like - but, ultimately the GM and HC have final say in the matter.
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