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Was this the worst game of all time?

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This is the worst thread of all time.
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The Kyle Willians game against the Giants, it still haunts me.

why? offense played terrible that game. alex only completed like 1 pass to a WR. granted we had brett swain, but the good QB's get it done when it matters and elevate the team around them.

I think the offense converted like one 3rd down. I remember vividly, Alex Smith smiling as he jogged off the field after a 3 and out late in the game. I was like, WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yep. offense wasn't getting it done regardless if Kyle Williams fumbled or not. it would have been a lot different if the offense was carrying it's own weight, but 3 and out after 3 and out after 3 and out. our defense played it's ass off. I'll always say the offense lost the game for us. not Kyle williams. but people will strongly disagree, understandably.

Yeah we had plenty of chances to overcome that muff.

even still, before the muffed punts even occurred we weren't getting it done offensively.
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This thread makes no sense. Most of the posters weren't born for the first few decades of the Niners and have no knowledge.
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the browns game when johnny boozer lit us up and some scrub running back was bad but of course losing the super bowl is number one cuz we do not go to super bowls to lose
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