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John Lynch - 49ers GM

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I can't believe this s**t
But he was waiting it out to find the right guy! He was doing his due dillegence. He wanted to make sure he took his time to found the right guy!!

/all the people who blasted me for saying we had no plan, again
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Im a steelers fan now.
I mean yes he has no experience but you can't call it botched until he actually botches it..which will mean the niners botched it..
What are his ties to Little Shanny
I'm in the WTF camp at this point. I respect the heck out of Lynch, but........WTF!
Go seahawks.

When did this meeting happen? over twitter lol
I don't mind the hire but it will take a while to sink in.
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Originally posted by AXEGRINDER:
What are his ties to Little Shanny

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John Lynch played for the Broncos from 2004-2007 when Mike Shanahan was HC. That's gotta be the connection.
Originally posted by Jcool:
Matt Millen 2.0....

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Unexpected but he was my favorite player for a while. So I love it
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