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You complete the sentence: We're so bad that. . . . . .

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That chip hasn't brought Marcus rush up arguably our best pass rusher and put brooks in at middle linebacker where we need big help. Not to mention our best qb is not getting reps except with scout team. Guess we are dumping the season for a high draft pick so our new gm can draft a qb! Jed don't wanna win!!!
Originally posted by thl408:
We're so bad that I miss the Singletary era.

I miss Jimmy Raye's offense.
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We're so bad I miss the big nickel and Jim Hostler
......It's sometimes not worth the effort typing as much to state the obvious.
We're so bad that . . . .

. . . Appalachian State is seriously asking to scrimmage us
. . . Chip Kelly is actually considering open tryouts
. . . I seriously contemplated how the 14 year old QB on my 14 youth team would look in this offence. He IS D1 material. . . .
. . . I actually looked up Giovanni Carmazzi's status, as a possible addition (hey, spaghetti at the wall at this point. Dribble, shoot, and hope for the best!)
. . . I honestly laid down in the bed hoping to wake up out of this nightmare
. . . wait. . . . did Vince Young just become available?
We are so bad that my good friends Ncommand and cciowa have stopped posting here.
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We are so bad that the 49ers were replaced in Madden with Michigan.

We are so bad Joan in payroll retired.

We are so bad that the only thing we 're really looking forward to is Jeds excuse at the end of the year.

We peaked the first game of the year.
Originally posted by 9er2k:
Originally posted by trogdor:
...wearing Niner gear in public evokes sympathy from others when it used to evoke jealousy.

We're so bad I can't even buy a 49er jersey unless it's a throwback jersey

1980's Throwback jerseys > 2016's Throwout jerseys
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Originally posted by susweel:
We are so bad that my good friends Ncommand and cciowa have stopped posting here.

I seent NC but CC is missing.
Originally posted by Young2Rice:
I seent NC but CC is missing.

I think CC is probably taking a much needed break. Hes been homering out pretty hard the past three years. He led the smear/fire Harbaugh campaign in here. Ouch Remember the "Inmates running the asylum" line.

Then there was the Tomsula love fest and improved Trent Baalke roster that he was sure would be an improvement. And God bless him when that failed he even tried one more time with Chip Kelly and an even better Trent Baalke roster.
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...Kaepernick, Smith, and Hyde, are the names we are relying on to WIN because they are the best on our team and are backup quality in CFL.
So bad that I want Kwame back
We're so bad we can only get better (hopefully).
We're so bad...

I miss the dark ages.
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...our best players are backup quality.
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