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Is our Roster better right now than it was a year ago at this time?

Is our Roster better right now than it was a year ago at this time?

Without question
based on health alone we're better off. last year at this time we had Crabs, Manningham, Hunter & Williams all injured or questionable to start the season, not to mention Carradine , Lattimore or Dial.
Ask me again whether we actually get production or not later on.
I think we're better for sure. Our WR group last year was a joke. A healthy Crabs, Boldin, Johnson and Ellington in the mix? Definitely upgraded. Carlos Hyde will add depth. Center should be upgraded as well with Martin on board. TE remains the same but VMcD should be a year better.

Defense will be the question with Bathea taking over for Whitner, Tarell Brown leaving, Aldon's situation remaining fluid and Bowman out. I like our defensive players, but still a lot of young, unproven guys like Carradine, Wilhoite/Borland at ILB, Jimmy Ward, who we'll be relying on. Can't wait to see what guys like Lemonier and Wilhoite can do. Skov could be a nice surprise. I do think our veterans will play a big role in bringing the young guys along and up to speed. May be a bit shaky but we should be fine. Just need to be tested.
Offensively - Yes. Most talent we've had in the last decade, without a doubt. I'm expecting a top 5 offense in Yds and Ppg. Assuming G-Ro utilizes the talent properly, I don't see too many defenses having success against us, including the Seachickens.

Defensively - Yes. Should still be a top 5 defense, maybe even top 3 considering the depth we will have. Whitner and Rogers positions have been upgraded IMO. Hurts that we won't have Bowman for most of the regular season but his position will be filled in nicely until his return. I feel BEASTLY seasons coming from P52 and Reid.

Special teams - Yes. Dawson & Lee will continue to be awesome. I think Ellington will provide a nice spark in the return game. Coverage units should be solid.
Originally posted by JimHarbaugh:
Originally posted by Disp:
How is this even a question? You could argue that every vacant position this offseason was filled with an upgrade, and the team added substantial depth. There's a good chance that we're better at literally every single position group going into this season, with the only real question being center.

Some could argue That Brock and Cully are not IMMEDIATE upgrades over Tarell Brown and Carlos Rogers. Some could argue Bethea is not an upgrade over Whitner. Some could argue Kilgore or Martin is not an IMMEDIATE upgrade over Goodwin.

I think the question is valid.

I think it's valid as well...however I think this is the most stacked roster in the Harbaugh era. Mind you though, some of this will be Contingent on Ward panning out, Culliver returning to form and Martin/Kilgore. If it works out the way I think/hope it will, they have upgraded across the board.
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I don't think so. Anytime you lose veterans that have been on your squad there's that lost of continuity. I also think that Navarros injury and another added year for Frank Gore and Cowboy will be something we have to adjust to. On the positive side it's another year of experience for our young players. CK should really benefit from it.
Originally posted by OregonNiner87:
Originally posted by crabman82:
bethea and whitner been in the league the same amount of time and bethea is almost exactly 1 year older than whitner. lets not forget whitner was complete trash in buffalo and a complete bust as a top 10 pick. give bethea a chance with our crew before we act like he has nothing in the tank.

Whitner wasn't "trash" in Buffalo, definitely not compared to the rest of the team. There were some that considered him a top 10-15 safety.

Whitner and Bethea are about the same in run support, I think Whitner is better but if you wanna argue that I'm cool with it. Bethea is straight up trash in pass coverage. Bethea (PFF rated 70/86) is to Whitner's (5/86) pass coverage what Whitner (84/86) is to Bethea's ability to limit penaties (top 10).

We break even at best.

I think it was a given that Bethea had an off year in coverage last season, but before that he was much better. Whitner has always been questionable in coverage, but I felt that he really stepped it up here and played very well in coverage....right up until the biggest games and then he reverted back to form.
PWill is going to play inspired football and put the team on his back like he used too
Originally posted by cciowa:
more and perhaps better depth on the o line scoots? i think our starting center will be our rookie!

Yes, but last year we had an ancient Goodwin at C with Kilgore/Snyder behind him with Iupati and Davis playing essentially all year with significant injury issues. Now we have another year of practice for a more athletic than Goodwin Kilgore. Looney, if he makes the team, has another year of practice. Snyder we can hope will be beaten out by ... anybody ... and any time a vet loses a spot to a younger player it improves the team. Jonathan Martin has more potential than Snyder ever had and can play OT and OG so we actually have a backup OT this year unlike last year when Boone was the backup OT. Add to that the impressive rookie C Martin and Marquardt and Bykowski looking to take whatever room they can grab. The ONLY thing the OL lost was Goodwin while they gained experience, health, and young talent everywhere else.

QB - Slightly Improved (d/t experience & training, better depth)
RB - Much Stronger (add Lattimore and Hyde)
OL - Deeper, younger (added Martin & Martin C & T)
WR - Much Stronger
TE - Slightly Improved (McDonald improvement)
DL - ~Same (add Caradine and Dial)
LB - Weaker to begin with until Aldon and Bowman return (Borland will help, and LB should end up better)
DB - Improved. Added Ward, Bethea, Culliver and Johnson are equal or upgrades

The offense should be much better (depending on play calling).
Defense is younger and should end the season improved.
Originally posted by NCommand:
Seriously. Let's take a look at the current roster and competition.

Offense: (IR)
QB: Colin Kaepernick; Josh Johnson; Blaine Gabbert; McLeod Bethel-Thompson & Kory Faulkner
Rationale: We're already better with Johnson and Gabbert than McCOy and Bethel-Thompson. Johnson already knows this offense and his style of play and athleticism is much closer to CK than Gabbert.

RB: Frank Gore; Kendall Hunter; Marcus Lattimore; LaMichael James, Jewel Hampton & Carlos Hyde
Rationale: This already is one of the best backfields with Frank and Hunter and now you add the immeditae and long-term feature backs in Lattimore and Hyde who fit perfectly into OUR system. For the first time ever, we'll have backs that can run inside, off tackle AND catch the ball and block and convert short yardage. The defense can no longer stack the box between the DE's and just run blitz knowing we can't/won't run off tackle.

FB: Bruce Miller & (Trey Millard)
Rationale: Bruce is the best FB in the game, bar none (Floyd reference). Millard will now have a chance to heal and learn this complex position behind the best. Also, Carrier can take Boonie's roll and be that H-back who can block, run, catch and stretch the field.

X: Anquan Boldin; Jon Baldwin
Y (SLOT): Quinton Patton; Stevie Johnson; Bruce Ellington; Chuck Jacobs & Devon Wiley
Z: Michael Crabtree; Kassim Osgood; Brandon Lloyd & David Reed
Rationale: Healthiest and most talented group we've ever had, hands down. No more excuses for Harbaugh this go-round. We have 3's, 4's, 5's, etc.

TE: Vernon Davis; Vance McDonald; Garrett Celek & Derek Carrier
Rationale: VD is the best in the game, McDonald was already targeted to be incorporated into the passing game this year (blocking last year). Carrier is going to add a dimension we lost when Walker left.

LOT: Joe Staley; Luke Marquardt & Al Netter
ROT: Anthony Davis; Jonathan Martin & Carter Bykowski
LG: Mike Iupati; Joe Looney & Ryan Seymour
RG: Alex Boone; Adam Snyder & (Brandon Thomas)
C: Daniel Kilgore; Marcus Martin & Dillon Ferrell
Rationale: No longer will Boone have to shift mid-game over to OT for an injured Staley. Davis and Mike are healed. And now we added some serious skills and youth to the C position while also adding critical backups in Looney and Martin(s) and Thomas down the road.

Defense: (IR)
RDE: Justin Smith; Tony Jerod-Eddie & Lawrence Okoye
LDE: Ray McDonald; DeMarcus Dobbs; Quinton Dial; Tank Carradine & Kaleb Ramsey
NT: Glenn Dorsey; Ian Williams & Mike Purcell
Rationale: Deepest DL in the game thanks to hard work and the guidance of Tomsula. Do not count out guys like Dial, Okoye an TJE. Someone with great skills is going to be cut from this group.

WILL: Aldon Smith; Dan Skuta & Morgan Breslin
SAM: Michael Wilhoite; Chris Borland; Shayne Skov & (Navarro Bowman)
MIKE: Patrick Willis & Nick Moody
TED: Ahmad Brooks; Corey Lemonier & Aaron Lynch
Rationale: I doubt Aldon misses a snap in 2014 but even if he does, does anyone even hesitate on the depth behind him now with Skuta, Lemonier and now Lynch? Bring it on. They'll only get better and better with every snap on the field. Moody has been training with CK to play the hybrid S/LB role, both Borland and Skov are tremendous upgrades in depth and potential starters for Bowman's absense.

RCB: Tramaine Brock; Dontae Johnson & (Keith Reaser)
LCB: Chris Culliver; Eric Wright; Chris Cook & Kenneth Acker
SLOT/NICKLE: Jimmie Ward; Perrish Cox & Darryl Morris
FS: Eric Reid; C.J. Spillman; L.J. McCray & D.J. Campbell
SS: Antoine Bethea; Craig Dahl & Raymond Ventrone
Rationale: I don't understand how people still have concerns here. Has anyone watched Brown and Rogers and even Whitner (in his non-contract year)? Brock is a monster upgrade over Brown and Culliver would have started last year over Rogers if he hadn't of gotten hurt. He's had a full year to heal now and there is no doubt he'll be the #2 BUT with monster competition at the outside now with Cook, Johnson, Wright, Cox and Acker. Ward and Morris can play a critical role for us in the slot and we have tons of experience now in OUR system in Brock, Culliver, Wright, Cox, Morris, Reid, Spillman, Dahl, etc. This is NOT a rookie backfield. By far, it's the most talented and versatile group we've ever had with the ability, now, to play physical press, off coverage in our exotic schemes, single-high S, and play the ball/TO's and even blitz. Fangio is going to have an opportunity to dial up anything he wants now...whenever he wants now. Hopefully we won't see CB's playing 15 yards off on 3rd and 5 or both S's camped out 35 yards deep on every design.

Special Teams:
LS: Kevin McDermott
PK: Phil Dawson
P: Andy Lee & Colton Schmidt
PR/KOR: LaMichael James; Devon Wiley; Bruce Ellington, Kenneth Acker & LJ McCray
Rationale: It has to be better fotr Andy as he had an off year and he and Dawson will now be kicking in the new stadium. Awesome! McDermott was clearly the right choice. And finally, the battle I'm most excited about is the battle for the new, dynamic returner...something that's absolutely killed us in the playoffs/Superbowl and a key piece we have not had since Ginn and even John Taylor during our playoff and Superbowl-winning runs.

In short, HELL YES WE'RE BETTER!!!!!

Adam Snyder doesn't make the team this year because of the upgrades on the OL. Jonathan Martin will have a chance to compete at all back-up slots on the OL except center.
Big time comp for roster spots, even last years picks aint guarrented nothing,
Originally posted by NinerGM:
Adam Snyder doesn't make the team this year because of the upgrades on the OL. Jonathan Martin will have a chance to compete at all back-up slots on the OL except center.

And I couldn't be happier!
in a sense, but we did lose a lot in our secondary. those were 3 starters that had good chemistry together on the field. i think early on we're gonna see the impact of losing those guys, but once we get around the end of the regular season our secondary should be strong.
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