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The McBLT is back....for a limited time only!

might as well edit the title to this. add "....for a limited time only!"
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But but but but Grant Cohn said signing Skelton was a DEFINING moment for Harbaugh!

I dislike Grant Cohn, but this most recent dumpster dive still doesn't mean much in terms of the Niners running the read option.

Yeah there goes the Cohn-logic, which kind of seemed on-point at the time. Oh well.
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We goin to the ship! We goin to the ship!

i was hoping for the real McDLT
Baalke is drunk AF
wtf is going on
Originally posted by kush:
Baalke is drunk AF

Do GM's get drug tested?
this is recockulous.

Originally posted by ChazBoner:
might as well edit the title to this. add "....for a limited time only!"


Man, I give up, I don't know what to think anymore, either Baalke is crazy like a fox or he's just plain crazy.

But wait a sec, how can this be??? There were such informed people here in NT that assured us that picking up a "stud" like Skelton and getting rid of a "project" like Daniels was such a great move. I'm sure they'll be along to explain the sheer genius of all this.
Eric Branch ‏@Eric_Branch5m
Jim Harbaugh said #49ers liked fact that John Skelton had started NFL games. McLeod Bethel-Thompson in his career: 0 snaps.

Maybe the idea is to sign QBs to give them bad info and release them. That way when other teams pick them up for tips they are bamboozled.

Our FO is so smart.
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