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Who was your favorite 9er who never panned out?

Jonas Jennings - It was a shame that he was always injured. Gore had his best season rushing behind him and Larry Allen on that left side - I think 1600+ yards and 5.6 yards a carry. Too bad he was made of glass.
"Easy" Ed McCaffrey. Had a very productive career, but wasn't able to catch on with the 49ers.
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Lawrence Phillips
Jason Hill for sure. I thought at the very worst he was gonna be a very solid #2 receiver.
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Darrell Jackson
I guess you could list every receiver that has been on the team since TO left.
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I was thinking Antonio Langham would bring a big impact to this team, but it obviously never happened. Same with Braylon Edwards.
Mike Rumph my #1

Rashaun Woods, Ahmed Plummer, and Andre Carter are all honorable mention
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TO didn't pan out?

Pretty much all those guys were highly productive players for us through their tenures on the team.

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i think so to kray i kind of wanted us to sign carter this year as a backup end. hell i would have taken julian peterson to for outside linebacker depth. I hate owens but he was not a bust. rod woodson is still at my top. how could such a hall of fame player do so poorly for us? was it our system?

I'm not saying they weren't successful. I'm just wish we didn't let them go at the peak of their careers or let them go period.
ArnaZ Battle, although mostly was not his fault.
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Terrance Flagler
Renaldo "Skeets" Nehemiah
Andre Carter
Ken MacAfee
Todd Kelly/Keith DeLong

I thought DeLong was decent. Then again the 80's are a bit hazy for me.
JJ Stokes for sure. As a Niner/Bruin fan growing up in the L.A. area, drafting Stokes was a dream come true for me. Bought the jersey, posters on the wall, everything. OK player, but never lived up to the hype. This video brings back memories...
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TE Greg Clark. Dude was solid but injury prone.

Not only injury prone but just unlucky. Having a team doctor inject you with painkiller to the ribcage and puncturing one lung is about as bad as it can get.
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