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Who will be our Offensive Coordinator next year if Roman leaves?

great point about the passing thing. I think however that teams that realize there passing scheme sucks might let Roman come in and give them a way to win without the deep ball.
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Promote Geep Chryst then hire his brother to be QB Coach, he also happened to be Scott Tolzien's QB coach at Wisconsin ;)
I guess it really wont matter all that much , Harbaugh has final say on what plays they run anyway

and as far as the 3rd down issue goes , other teams wont hold that against him IMO , the credit for 3rd down failures will go to Alex, not Roman, creativity and a winning record goes a long way when a team is looking for a HC,

Just wait and see , when the season is all said and done, and we are resting during wild card weekend, Roman will be on a short list for teams looking for a new HC
Bill Walsh
Originally posted by WookieOftheYear:
Bill Walsh

my hero
I believe Norv Turner and Jimmy Raye will be available.
Joe Cool---he will bring windows to practice and make the qbs throw the ball through them
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I'd hope we hijack shaw, i doubt it but it would be nice

he's atop the list of college coaches to become a head coach in the NFL.
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lol, who would want Roman? we can't even convert a 3rd down.

Roman studied the read option back in the day. I'm sure Carolina would love to have him since Carolina's defense still stinks with Ron Rivera running the show...
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I believe Norv Turner and Jimmy Raye will be available.

idk if Jimmy Raye will ever be a OC again???

Norv turner's system is more of a Zampese / Coryell style of offense .....Harbaugh runs more of a power WCO , wonder if those two could function together on the same staff?? ...I thought Norv did a great job with our offense when he was here, we didnt have much talent on offense, but Norv brought our offense back from the dead the one year he was here

i got it covered
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Tom Rathman
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Tom Rathman

lol oh great. That would turn out well. Run, run, run, punt.
one of the mods on here could do the job.
Fredrick P. Soft.
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