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NFLN Playbook : 49ers @ Packers

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It's funny to rewatch that in hindsight. That said, the Packers are healthy, have all their receivers back (WR/TE's) and C.Woodson is back. They are a different team with all these players back (experience). That said, everyone knows how they will attack us but their OL is still their weakness and it always comes down to getting to Rodgers and putting him on his ass and on offense, controlling the TOP and keeping him on the sidelines WHILE scoring TD's. Period.
to bad we do not have a good defensive line .with justin at less than 100 per cent. you have seen that aldon smith is an average football player without justin in there. i think rogers will have all day to throw.. oh and please spare me the "aldon is tired" b******t excuse.i can not believe our coach said that, that talk is for people already making up an excuse for a loss in a game they have not played yet

I didn't realize that Justin Smith creates a field of energy that surrounds Aldon, allowing him to pancake O-linemen by himself.

Against the Patriots, Aldon was terrorizing Brady. In the second half (when Justin was hurt), Brady got rid of the ball in two seconds with quick passes; barely enough time to get to him even if you're unblocked. Brady got these quick passes because our coaches when full retard, and when to a soft zone defense.

Seattle -- Aldon Smith broke into the pocket many times, but Russell Wilson scrambled away from him, and no one cleaned up. Seattle (or Fangio) forced him into coverage a lot.

Arizona -- Lot's of 3n out's for the Cardinals, and when they did throw it, again it was with quick passes.

A big part of the reason our pass defense is dramatically improved this year, is because teams have to game-plan around the pressure Aldon Smith brings. They watch the tape, they freak out, call a lot of runs and quick passes, and usually don't do very well at it, unless their quarterback can scramble or we let them back into a game with a soft zone.
As long as the coaches don't go full retard like they did in the 2nd half of the Pats game, we will be fine.
You never go full retard man...NEVER!
Sean penn in I am sam
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