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QB depth chart after 4th preseason game.

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Did money factor in to Johnson / Tolzien? $400,000 + for Tolzien. $1 Million + for Johnson?

i dont think so, he was played the least and he knew the least about the system. he was only going to make about 975k this year.

Perhaps so. I think another factor is just style of QB. Tozien is good from the pocket. Josh Johnson is great running and making plays outside the pocket. So did we need 2 running QB's? I think this was part of it too. If you look at the supposed great day of Johnson a long run was Palmer too. He made that play. So he played well but maybe the stats were inflated by a bit. Tolzien is one of the most comfortable from the pocket guys we have.
I think Josh Johnson would be a good pickup for the Cards....but would better fit in with the Eagles to backup Mike Vick, if Foles struggles if he is asked to play.
Back to baseball for Josh Johnson
I bet Tolzien beats out JJ for the #3 spot
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I bet Tolzien beats out JJ for the #3 spot

You can't cut "Baby Drew Brees."......
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Anyone who has watched the entire preseason and thinks the order is anything other than Smith, Kaep, Johnson, Tolzien is a blind homer. Tolzien gets cut and likely makes it to the ps imo.

Homer? Because they disagree with you? Think not.
Because to disagree with me is to disagree with reality. Think so.

Tolzien has led to the least amount of points. Has the most turnovers. Has the lowest rating.
Apparently JH is a homer.....Really though I think it was a respect thing. Johnson was ere to compete for #2, anything less was not becoming of his skills/abilities and I assume coach let him go out of respect rather than his inability to earn a roster spot.
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