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Brandon Jacobs a 49er

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Noooooo this fool sucks
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Paul Lyboult ‏ @plyboult @Boobie24Dixon if you don't end up in SF next year I still look forward to your tweets about the Ladies..

i WONDER WHAT CONSTITUTED THIS MOVE? Jacobs is old and slow.
Wow, thought we were done til the draft. Interesting signing, Dixon is definitely sweating at this point. But didn't Jacobs want to be a starter??
Originally posted by sfout:
WHAT!??!? lol guess we found dixon's camp competition.

Correction: we found Dixon's replacement.

Jacobs is an upgrade over Dixon in the rushing department but I'm not so sure he's an upgrade in terms of special teams. Having said that, Jacobs suxxors as a RB.
Bye Bye Anthony Dixon

Great... now we have two big RB's on the team who can't pick-up short-yardage.
I think Dixon >> Jacobs in terms of how each will help our team.

Special Teams.
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Great pickup! I'm happy we have him here!
Anyone knows anything of Brandon Jacobs...I don't follow the Giants enough to know about Jacobs. he the guys Rice called 'soft'

This will be an interesting reaction. I personally wasnt a fan of him over the last few years, big but runs soft. I expect a lot of you will like it.

Jacobs: Let's bounce out this b***h bro.
Manningham: Word. I hear Frisco's tight doe.
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10 minutes since Adam Schefter tweet and still nothing from anyone else, the Matt's sleeping in today?
Short Yardage and goaline back. This dude will man the f**k up with Rathman coaching him. He is better than Anthony Happy Feet Dixon
Not a big fan of this. I would've much rather drafted Gore's replacement (like Doug Martin).
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