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Cole: A stat that indicates the 49ers wont win the SB

Um, who is Cole and why is his opinion important?
LOL, you can find a stat for anything if you try hard enough. Lucky for the niners yards aint points. You want to know what the niners team is about all you got to do is look at the league dominating +17 TO differential.
On a side note, has any team ever had the most takeaways while having the fewest giveaways like the niners currently are enjoying. Crazy
We've done a few things this season that have never been done before..what's one more?
Originally posted by walker807:
LOL, you can find a stat for anything if you try hard enough. Lucky for the niners yards aint points. You want to know what the niners team is about all you got to do is look at the league dominating +17 TO differential.

Gemme that ball b***h!
This goes to show you if you write anything they post it
ONe fact rarely solves a case. Nobody is claiming it will be an easy win if we play Green Bay.
You can make up a stat to prove anything.
its called special teams b***h!!!!!!!!!! hahhaahah

If you average better field position then the other team you have LESS yards to gain to score and they have MORE yards to gain to score....

What a dumbass...
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Originally posted by global_nomad:
A word of warning to San Francisco fans who are, rightfully, getting geeked up about the 49ers' 9-1 mark. One of the key stats in forecasting the possible playoff success of a team is how much of a differential there is between yards a team gains per play and how many it gives up. Championship teams are usually at .6 more yards per play. For instance, if a team allows 5.0 yards per play, a potential title team is usually around at least 5.6 yards gained per play. For the 49ers, they are only at .1, gaining a pedestrian 5.3 yards per play while allowing 5.2 yards per play. In short, the 49ers have the statistical numbers of a team that should be closer to 6-4 than 9-1.;_ylt=AjxmsGi72f9Y4IxBksUxsqxDubYF?slug=jc-cole_direct_snap__andrew_luck_nfl_draft_112211

Thats all you got Cole

Well we lead the league in Turnovers so maybe we don't to gain a lot of yards on offense to get points!

I stopped reading at 'usually'. If it was 'always' he might MIGHT have a point. meh.

Wow this has to be one of the most vague and idiotic stats ive ever see
Originally posted by Memphis9er:
Fantasy football strikes again, whoever invented it deserves to be castrated with a rusty spoon.

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Haters like to dig.
I think the crux of the story is that it is a pattern of past champions. Actually, how far back that trend goes is the real missing detail we need. As a guess I would say it goes back pretty damn far.

Its a damning stat for sure, anyone who just dismisses it is fooling themselves, which of course is going to account for 90% of zoners.

At this point in time I would say any objective Niner fan would agree that they hope the Niners improve that stat before the end of season and not rely so heavily on field position through ST and turnovers.
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Well, aside from this being a pretty sorry attempt to try to find anything in the stats so you can prove your point, according to this, do you guys know which team will also not be a contender to win the SB? Green Bay

While they have the best yardage per play on offense (6.6), their defense is not as hot as it was last year, so they also allow a pretty high yardage per play on defense as well, 6.2 yards per play to be exact. That is the third-worst amount in the entire NFL. Only Tampa Bay and Carolina allow more yards per play!

So even if the number Cole cites would be meaningful (which I doubt), the Packers would merely have a 0.4 yard per play-differential. Since 0.6 would be his alleged championship number, the Packers would NOT be championship contender according to his stat.

This stat is funny anyway: You want to know which team would be a prime championship-caliber according to this stat? The Philadelphia Eagles, who would have exactly the required 0.6 yard per-play differential. Last I checked, though those guys have a losing record and would pretty much need to win out in order to even squeeze into the playoffs at all.

The stat is not even a good indicator to compare teams with similar differentials: The Chargers have the same 0.1 yard-per-play differential as the Niners, yet their season is falling apart and they have a losing record as well and are two games or so behind in their division. The Panthers have a slightly lesser differential, being dead even at a 0.0 yard-per-play differential, but however entertaining their offense might by and how many yards per play it might get, at the end, they still only got two wins right now.

So yeah, a stat that dismisses the Niners as championship contenders, but also does the same to the Green Bay Packers, while simultaneously putting the Eagles into championship consideration and putting the Chargers and Niners essentially on the same level really is mighty meaningful, according to Jason Cole

(Oh and if you guys want to check for yourselves:

for Offense and

for Defense. I calculated the differentials from those stats. Since they are the official NFL stats, my calculations should hold up unless I made an error somewhere, in which case feel free to correct me
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