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Cole: A stat that indicates the 49ers wont win the SB

A word of warning to San Francisco fans who are, rightfully, getting geeked up about the 49ers' 9-1 mark. One of the key stats in forecasting the possible playoff success of a team is how much of a differential there is between yards a team gains per play and how many it gives up. Championship teams are usually at .6 more yards per play. For instance, if a team allows 5.0 yards per play, a potential title team is usually around at least 5.6 yards gained per play. For the 49ers, they are only at .1, gaining a pedestrian 5.3 yards per play while allowing 5.2 yards per play. In short, the 49ers have the statistical numbers of a team that should be closer to 6-4 than 9-1.;_ylt=AjxmsGi72f9Y4IxBksUxsqxDubYF?slug=jc-cole_direct_snap__andrew_luck_nfl_draft_112211

Thats all you got Cole

Well we lead the league in Turnovers so maybe we don't to gain a lot of yards on offense to get points!
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silly stat. we score ten more points per game than we give up.

Originally posted by HessianDud:
silly stat. we score ten more points per game than we give up.

Yards dont matter, its all about points
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That stat doesnt take into account that we run at least 11 plays to every 3 opponent plays.

If anything i think the time of Possesion is the stat that should be looked at when looking at a superbowl contender.
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For every stat that makes a team look good there is another that makes a team look bad. Thats why they are all meaningless. The only thing that matters is the scoreboard and wining nine out of ten games means your a very good football team.
Fantasy football strikes again, whoever invented it deserves to be castrated with a rusty spoon.
Wow the naysayers are really getting desperate now. Sorry Cole but this just comes off like you are trying too hard to find a reason why the 49ers aren't contenders. Give it up already and just call it like it is. The San Francisco 49ers are the most well rounded team in football and their 9-1 record is a product of that balance.
is he seriously talking about yards gained?
The 49ers have been very efficient this season in converting yards into points. That really throws Jason Cole's model out of whack. Is the efficiency an aberration? Maybe, but not more so than Aaron Rodgers putting up amazing throwing stats.
This little b***h must have searched desperately for something like this. Best believe this b***h is pinning all his hopes on the stat ringing true here. One of the most biased b***hass tricks I've have to read all season. Pardon the language but this little fuvcker pisses me off like no other. It's even worse when you hear him interviewed and he hears the word "49ers". He lets out an annoyed sigh before talking sh1t about them.

What a dumb, miniscule state. Football is played on the field, not on excel.
Cole can suck it.
Originally posted by sacniner:
What a dumb, miniscule state. Football is played on the field, not on excel.

This. You can dream up any number of ludicrous stats in an attempt to make a point.

"Well, the winners of the last 10 Super Bowls all had second year coaches so the Niners won't be winning a SB this year!"
isnt he the guy who came up with th article that started the whole Dadgum yahoo thing for coach Sing?
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Originally posted by susweel:
Cole can suck it.

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