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What is your dream playoff run

Originally posted by Shanghai69er:
Don't really care. We can beat anyone except for New Orleans. No way in hell we beat New Orleans. I pray to God we somehow manage to avoid them.

Unless they lose in the 1st round they're coming out here. You wanna be the best? You gotta beat the best
my dream playoff would be packers and 49ers nfc championship game. A snow game and Alex Smith would throw 4 TD's in Lambeu. A statement game on whose the number one QB in the 2005 draft. Alex Smith would have his own TD celebration like Rogers. After that beat the patriots on the Superbowl and Harbaugh would run up the score on Belichick just like what we did in the 1994 Superbowl. I know I am day dreaming and I don't care lol.
Originally posted by calinig4life:
Beat da aints then da slackers then who Eva out of da afc.

Let me recommend Hooked on Phonics.
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