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6 win team

I say we are atleast a 9 win team....
Who is this schmuck again?
Defense has progressed a little each week(mostly because of Spencer and Goldson's returns) but the O-Line is one step forward and 3 steps back. They are getting worse as the upcoming teams see more film on the O-line's weaknesses.
I doubt the talking heads will have much respect for our Niners even when we win the NFCW this year. It will take a trip to the SuperBowl before any of them believe we are for real. And even then they may call it a fluke. Respect is gonna take a lot of time and some seriously long term dominant play.
Don't worry about it.
Oh yeah, I think we're good for at least 9 wins this year, maybe 10. GO NINERS!!!
i think its pretty obvious that the conservative playcalling has its purpose. The way the games are going we are playing good enough to win. We are barely showing wrinkles of the offense and I think the real purpose is to not show too much especially when we are not ready to execute it right. By the time we are, other teams will be ready for it. So to me, getting by the first half or more of the season with the boring offense is ok with me as long as we get the W.

I can see the offense opening up as the season progresses if need be, but for now, why not keep defenses guessing?

Yes the division is in shambles, but we are not just a 6 win team. We can beat the Bucs, the Lions, the Browns, the Redskins and the Giants. We can sweep the division, only tough division game will be at Seattle. My hope is that by then (Dec24) we can put some TD's up early in the game and take the crowd out of it, cuz when that crowd is going its incredibly loud. But anyhow, just sweeping the division is 6 wins right there.
Dont mind me, just tired guy f**king up haha.
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So basically he's saying he has no idea who's going to win the division. Insightful.
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I don't think his point of view is unreasonable. We haven't done anything to suggest that he's wrong. I think we're more than a 6 win team, but that has more to do with the fact that our schedule is so weak than anything else.

where 8-6 in our last 14 games

Across two different rosters, coaching staffs, and schedules? So what? Are our standards so low now that we have to create false mosaics of success in order to make ourselves feel better?

I missed the part where a "false mosaic" was being created, I am simply saying that we are better than a six win team in my humble opinion, and I do not believe that it is to far of a stretch to say that. Do we still have to prove it over the course of a season, obviously, but if I were to make a prediction I would say we will definitely have more than 6 wins, oh yee of little faith.
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Originally posted by phatbutskinny:
we are not better than a 6 win team until we win more than 6 games

This. We must prove it. I wouldn't have it any other way anyways. I don't want us to get fluke wins until we can show that we are a solid team all around. That's when I wanna see the kinda wins we have so far.

I understand the skepticism - we've earned it. I feel we'll win 9 games and the division. I've seen improvement in every game so far and I'm looking for more tomorrow. We can beat the Eagles, and then people will really take notice. When we win games the so-called experts say we can't win - THEN we'll get the props.
6 wins by sweeping the division
+ 3 extra wins outside the division (bengals(1 win), eagles(?), bucs(?), browns(?), redskins(?)
= 9-7 record in the NFC West

We r a QB injury away from the 1st pick overall next year
Originally posted by adacosta24:
"I guess I'm leaning toward San Francisco, but I don't feel confident," Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc. said this week. "The Rams could finish strong. I can't see Seattle doing it. And I think Arizona is a six-win team, but they are all kind of six-win teams."

Im really starting to get sick of this s**t, people are giving us no credit what so ever, Im not saying where a major contender but we are definitly better than a 6 win team its a joke, I hope we win this week and that d-bag will realize how little he actually knows about football.

Originally posted by adacosta24:
Originally posted by phatbutskinny:
we are not better than a 6 win team until we win more than 6 games

who let captain obvious in the building

Quit being such a bandwagoneer. You probably thought this was a six or less win team too before the season started.
6 wins sounds about right. Two victories over crappy teams and falling apart in the 4th quarter against a decent team. I strongly suspect the Eagles are going to pretty much have their way with the 49ers which will pretty much extinguish the sense of bravado among fans. Hey, I hope I'm wrong, I hope the pass and run blocking improve, that Alex Smith learns to read defenses faster and gets the ball out quickly, that Frank Gore isn't done, that they can manage a pass rush against a team with a decent offensive line. But until then, 6 wins does sound about right. Williamson called it correctly.
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