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Was Baalke the rat?

don't care who the rat supposedly was but do care if they can't keep in house business in house. that is the type of person i don't want in my presence. when i sign up for a team i work with the team i share with the team and i talk only to the team. to everyone else, i give generic responses because i have integrity. today this isn't valued very much. unlike bellicheat i would rather lose with integrity than win with cowardice. i will take harbaugh49 at his/her word if they say mike johnson said it but if not then pity you. i just hope that this organization gets things in order and run a tight ship for a change and promote the best man to the position from front office to coaching to the player depth charts and demand execution to perfection

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Baalke to Sing "You're one turtle that can't coach for s**t b***h!"

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You guys have no reason to believe me but I've known for awhile. I was out to dinner with this person and mike johnson came up to us to give her a hug. Shortly after he left she looked at me with disgust and I asked why and she told me. I didn't want to say anything that could come out and hurt our relationship but since the team no longer employs this person I thought it'd be safe.

OK... let me get this straight, she looked at you with disgust..

Maybe it was you, did you stick her with the check??

Perhaps it was the food.

Haha no I didn't stick her with the check. It was the look she gave me after he left that led me to ask her why. It took some time to get it out of her but she told me and to be honest with you I kind of feel like a rat right now.

The only person or family that would be upset about the rat would be Jimmy ray's family. 49er fans were happy that he got fired.
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You said it yourself, no one needed any information leaked, it was obvious you any one's eyes that Singletary was in over his head. The man should not even have a job right now as LB coach, I guess it is good to have friends in different places.

Singletary tried to divert attention from his shortcomings by saying there was a rat on board, come on, if Baalke did talk I applaud him for trying to get this franchise going in the right direction again.

If you can't find the rat, don't go to Taco Bell...
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