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Do you want Gore to continue to be the focal point of the offense?

Do you want Gore to continue to be the focal point of the offense?

Nope. Gore has been my favorite Niner ever since he's been here, but he needs to have a reduced role. Split between Westbrook, Dixon and Gore, with Gore getting 40% of the reps, Westbrook getting 40%, and Dixon at 20%.

I really wanna see an offense that keeps the defense and spreads the ball around to literally everyone.

I was watching the Packers game yesterday. I loved how their offense works. You obviously have the studs Jenning and Driver on the outsides, but you also use Jones, the TE, run the ball with Starks and I saw them pass it to their FB Kuhn a bunch of times.
i think Gore still needs the ball, but Davis has replaced him as our best weapon on offense
Been there. Done that. It doesn't work.

Gore needs to complement the system, not be the system.
Pass first to set up the run and then use Gore and Westbrook to punish the D when they begin to drop to cover. The days of running Gore into a stacked box D are over...please! The Stanford power running game at least equaled the D with blockers, they did not rely on 5 on 8 blocking schemes...oh, I forgot, VD, 6 on 8.

I really like Westbrook as a change of pace to Gore.
Not sure that Gore should be the focal point of the offense anymore, especially after the hip injury. Don't know how he will be, coming back from it. We should be open to drafting another running back if a good one is available in the second or third.

He was more than the focal point. Remember the cow bell... ? We pounded him into the 9-10 men defensive fronts with only a handful of predictable inside running plays. We never really developed a consistent passing attack to give defense something more to worry about.
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He is just not good enough to be the focal point.

We have other weapons and need to keep opposing defenses guessing.


I mean c'mon.

Unbeknownst to Coach Sing, Gore is not Walter Payton.
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in fact, we should re-hire dingleberry and jimmy raye, they know best how to utizlize his talents.

I wouldn't pile too much on Singletary and Raye, even Norv Turner tried to get Gore the ball 25 touches a game with pass and run.

in 2006 with a 2nd year 22 yr old quarterback. big difference.

if we start a rookie how is that different?
Originally posted by Wubbie:
It should probably be Gore = 50%, Westbrook = 35%, Dixon = 15%.

Gore=60%, Westbrook=30%, Dixon=10%

Dixon should be the short yardage back. I think he should be in there as the FB some as well. Gore is the horse but he and BW should be playing together alot IMO.
Vernon Davis should be the focal point
I want every offensive player to be the focal point; that way, teams have to gameplan for everybody being a threat.

Originally posted by ninerbrand:
Been there. Done that. It doesn't work.

Gore needs to complement the system, not be the system.
"I hate to sound biased, but the 'quarterback' IS the most important position on the football field."

~Jim Harbaugh
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no because a RB should never be the focal point of an offense.
Gore needs a breather starting at the beginning of the season.. say u have 60 snaps a game.. Gore should be in for the bulk but maybe give 10-15 of those to west/dixon
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