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It isn't just the loss, it is the way they lost. I thought for once they would be over this. These types of games where they come out and just appear to be so dis-organized and unprepared. Almost like they don't care.

This was the worst weekend for me. It is my birthday today. The weekend was pretty boring, as no one was around to do anything. I waited all weekend for this game to cheer me up.

After the game was over I was going to purchase my tickets, flight, etc to go see three games this year (I go down to San Fran at least once a year for a game). Now I don't even feel like going.


Happy belated B-day... and i couldn't agree more becaue of the "manner" in which this team lost. It was down-right horrible and ill-prepared.

This is fundamental stuff; no excuses and getting "Really" tired of the head-set b.s.
Granted - i would still be pi**ed if we lost a more competitive game, but this loss has me seriously worried. I am convinced that this coaching staff doesn't know how to call plays to our strengths. And what happens is we end up shooting ourselves in the foot.

I'm already prepared to start the season 0-2 and hate to admit that, but even with all our weapons, this coaching staff still doesn't seem to get it.

Thanks (it is actually my bday today)..

Just so dis-heartening. I was really looking forward to my annual trip down but now I could care less. Why do I want to spend a couple grand to go see what we saw on Sunday.

Got my tic's for Nov 21st against Tampa... still hoping it will be a meaningful game by then. Try and enjoy your day!
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thread title should be, "ITS ONE GAME!!!! AFTER ANOTHER, AFTER ANOTHER"

seriously... no kinda consistency what so ever...!
what was our 3rd down completion ratio, 2-20?
this is the same Alex that we've known... 3 and out

All around game = F
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Holy s**t. I've never seen so much god awful fans my entire life.

One game, we get worked..and suddenly we're quitting on our strategy, coaches, players, etc?!


This is ONE GAME people. I don't know some people are smoking but some of this is really disturbing.

The Rams just lost the game...Sam Bradford threw his 3rd INT and game losing INT at the end...instead, they're supporting their team...and supporting their success instead of calling for their heads and saying stupid s**t like Troy Smith should start...and we should cut Singletary..just stop please.

We got our ass beat. s**t happens.

Next week, Monday Night Football...SB Champs..Jerry Rice in the stadium..


people have had doubts about the coaching staff and alex smith since each of them arrived

so its not just one game to most people

you need to stop calling out fans and talking s**t

when things go wrong with something people have some dedication to it pisses them off and they tend to talk s**t about it, thats just how it is

You didn't understand my post at all.

Being upset is one thing. Talking s**t and calling out people and saying they need to be cut is another.

Thats what happens 99% of the time here in Niner Talk.

Alex Smith benched after one week? Really?
Singletary gone after one week? Really?
Jimmy Raye gone after one week? Really?
Our rookie OL benched after one week? Really?

I can go all night.

Niner Talk is out of control.

Is Niner Talk out of control????? YES!!!!


Cut everybody and play The Gold Rush!!!

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This really isn't just one game.

This game is going to set the tone for the rest of the season.

Week 1 and we already are at rock bottom.

I look to see us dig us even deeper next week when Terrell Brown and Nate Clements bite on all the double moves devery hendersen and co. will make on them for big gains.
In the military, there's a HUGE difference between basic training and the REAL thing!

In basic training you go through the motions and everything is Gung HO. And if you're careful, no one gets hurts.

But the real thing exposes your weaknesses and you're not that same GUNG HO brave soul that you were in Basic Training. You'd better keep your composure or you're in serious trouble.

Unfortunately, this seems to be the case of Alex Smith. Next up ... The New Orleans Saints ... the playing field gets a little tougher.

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The Gold Rush couldn't do much worse. Might distract there opponents a little too. Worth a shot.

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