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Off. Linemen-who stays and who goes?

Eric Heitman C
Cody Wallace C
David Bass G
Chilo Rachal G
Mike Iupati G
Tony Wragge G
X Brian De Le Puente G
X Chris Patrick T
Adam Snyder T
Anthony Davis T
Joe Staley T
Alex Boone T
Barry Sims T

So who do you want or think the niners will keep? Who goes to the practice squad? I feel the obvious goners will be the ones with the X. Will the niners keep 8 or 9 OL?
Do you think they keep Wallace? He is younger but who would be better at Center, him or Bass? Especially since can also b/u at Guard. Sims is signed for one year and so is Snyder, Sims seems to be a better backup, plus do you think Boone will pull thru and supplant Snyder?
tony wragge just lost his comfy job suiting up on sundays and not playing
can snyder play guard? if so I say we get rid of Wragge and keep Boone
Wallace and Snyder are goners.
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i wonder if baas can backup as a center
Staley Bass Heitmann Rachel Davis
Sims Iupati Wallace? Snyder Boone?
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Locks: 7
Joe Staley
Barry Sims
Mike Iupati
David Baas
Eric Heitmann
Chilo Rachal
Anthony Davis

Near lock: 1
Adam Snyder

In a competition: 3
Alex Boone
Tony Wragge
Cody Wallace

Long shots: 2
Brian De La Puente
Chris Patrick
Joe Staley LT
Mike Iupati LG
Eric Heitman C
Chilo Rachal RG
Anthony Davis RT

Barry Sims LT
David Bass C/G
Adam Snyder G/T
Alex Boone RT
Originally posted by vrabbit:
RT: Davis, Sims, Boone
RG: Rachal, De La Puente
C: Heitmann, Wragge
LG: Iupati, Wragge
LT: Staley, Sims
Whoever can play multiple positions will have the best shot at staying on the team. If Baas loses his LG spot but can play center then he will be a lock for sure. If not mistaken Snyder can play both G and T so someone like Boone will need to try and unsuit him.

Time to move on from the Wallace, Wragge, Snyder experitment. Those guys suck. Keep Baas (C/G), Sims (Swing T), Boone (who knows). I wonder if Baas would be willing to play back up the rest of his career?
I wonder if we could trade Bass for a nickle CB. That might be wishful thinking tho
The obvious locks and probable starters are Staley, Iupati, Heitman, Rachel, and Davis. With how well Sims played last season I think he will be a lock for one of the backup positions. We will probably keep 8 OL, with a 9th being possible if one of the younger guys shows signs of being a good developmental player.

The key competition to watch for backup roles will be between Baas and Wragge. Both can play center or guard. I think Baas will have the edge here... so bye bye Wragge. As for Snyder, he can play guard or tackle, but neither position very well. Only way he makes the roster is if he proves he is better than Boone at tackle.
Keep Boone...Snyder is a joke but he's versatile so he makes a decent backup...Baas is terrible so i don't give a crap about him.
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starters staley,lupati, heitman, rachal, davis,backups)( LT simms)(LG/C bass)( RG/RT snyder)( RT boone) 9 offensive lineman
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