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What do you think we would need to do to win it all next year?

I know some people think we are way too far behind, and some think we are very close. What do we need to win it all next year?

Here are the rules, it has to be realistic so you don't just grab Brady, Brees, or P. Manning.

What can we do within our power to place us back on top in 2010?

Your thoughts?
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One word! C.J. Spiller!
Originally posted by Rockyfromask:
One word! C.J. Spiller!

that is the most retarded thing ive ever heard. a change of pace back is not going to make a huge impact.

what one thing could take us all the way? two words: alex smith. he's the starter. if he can play at a pro bowl level, we could definitly make it to the super bowl. we are a qb away. we have the defense. we have the rb. we have the receivers- VD and crabs. we just need the qb to step it up.

we are that close. in this years draft, if we can grab a tackle, a db, and a return man, and our qb steps it up considerably, there should be no reason not to win it all.
I'm firmly in the too far behind camp. Let's start with winning the West. Of course once we're in the playoffs anything can happen.
Less Turnovers and Less drops
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Ok, I was being a little sarcastic, but you don't think field position means anything? Going 3 and out at our own 25 compared to our 45 won't make a difference? Not to mention his game changing abilities, one explosive play could change alot of the close loses into wins.
RT, LG, safety, pass rusher, return man. Can do it with T.Williams, Earl Thomas, Javier Arenas, pass rusher in draft + LG FA.

Biggest problem -- need new OC which is not going to happen. Sing is not a Sean Payton offensive mind, and Raye is the next worst thing to HOS.
Win more games.....

Sorry, couldn't resist
Nate Davis = Superbowl Champions
new coach

RT LG and kick/punt reterner would get us deeo in the playoffs

A saftey would get us in the superbowl
alex smith thread in 3....2....
All the other teams are consumed by a black hole and never heard from again.
1. Alex Smith needs to get better - His yards per attempt need to go up (rated 24th last year), he needs to work on his pocket awareness, keep his INTs low (which I believe he will - 25td 10int), Run more (51yds, 11 Games)

2. OL obviously needs to do better (and should on new coaching, alone). Pick up some help in the draft, minimally Iupati. Sims did okay in place of Staley at LT last year... if that works, and Staley needs to go back to RT, let's do it. Draft another tackle for security.

3. Vernon - Work on his hot-read assignments, continue with his catching regimen, maintain his skills as a blocker, practice with simulated snap-counts, or something that can help him minimize the false starts. Honestly, he does plenty for this team, but if he can master even more aspects of his game? He'd honestly be one of the most valuable weapons in the league.

4. Defense - Maintain, at a minimum, what success they had this past year. Brooks needs to step up his game and we should add some secondary help in the draft.

5. Special Teams - Obviously this needs to get better and will once we address it in the draft (Spiller, McCluster, Gilyard, whatever).

6. Coaching - Raye (and hopefully Mike Johnson) need to continue to work on plays that were routinely successful last year. Practice hard on those Crabtree bubble screens. Work on Gore out of the shotgun. Incorporate more into the playbook.
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